Chapter 4 - Gathering, Tattered Forest Friends Association
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 4 - Gathering, Tattered Forest Friends Association

After Alice returned to the preserved part of the forest, she spent almost no effort to capture several rabbits. However, it wasn't as if her physique had leveled up after undergoing the panties baptism just now. In reality, after separating from her underwear, Alice's physique was no different than before.

Instead, what happened was that Purification Blade's blinding light had literally blinded the rabbits lingering around the preserved forest's edge. And once these rabbits began running around in a panic, several of them crashed headfirst into trees and fainted. Hence, it became a lot easier for Alice to capture these rabbits, and she managed to gather enough rations for the next few days in no time.

Moreover, Alice no longer had any trouble looking for kindling to start fires with. After Purification Blade had destroyed a large part of the forest, Alice now had access to what was essentially a lifetime's supply of wood chips.

As a side note, now that Alice had used her panties to vaporize the forest, she only had her dress to cover up her lower half. Moreover, as one of the wolves had damaged her dress just now, the fabric covered hardly anything. Taking into account that Purification Blade's effects might draw other people to this place, Alice decided to skin two rabbits and use their pelts to make herself a simple pair of underwear.

Unfortunately, while her makeshift underwear indeed had the function of one, appearance-wise, it was nothing but a piece of rag. Hence, her ability did not recognize it as an Artifact. The system didn't even recognize it as a pair of underwear. Instead, it was labeled as a "Crudely Processed Pelt" and rated as "Garbage." It also only provided an effect of "Constitution +1." Alice suffered a severe mental blow from this outcome. After all, she had initially been delighted with her handicraft.

Items of the same category seem to provide similar effects.

Alice had gradually noticed a pattern for weapon abilities. Almost all of the tree branches she picked up provided a boost to Speed, whereas stones provided a boost to Strength, and fur provided a boost to Constitution. If she picked up items of a similar type to use as a weapon, she would be granted similar effects.

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