Chapter 3 - A Great Life, A Shameful Death
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 3 - A Great Life, A Shameful Death

Silence fell over the scene for a while as Alice stopped breathing and the five black wolves stopped growling. Of the six living beings present, all six were looking at the blinding light emanating from Alice's right hand. They didn't even blink even though the light hurt their eyes.

Despite having inferior thought processes to humans, the black wolves could still feel that something was amiss when they looked at this supernatural phenomenon. Hence, they chose to stop hunting their prey.


After a moment, Alice subconsciously loosened her right hand, allowing the soft, white fabric to slip out of her fingers. Simultaneously, the energy that gave Alice the feeling of invincibility vanished from her body, making it seem as if everything that had happened just now was nothing but an illusion. Upon sensing this change, Alice hurriedly reached out and grabbed the underwear that had yet to fall to the ground. Then, sure enough, the moment her hand held onto the holy fabric, a blinding light radiated from her hand, and the feeling of invincibility returned once more.


Alice sighed in exasperation. In the past few days, she had already verified that her ability's judgment toward the quality of "weapons" was unrelated to the object's actual value. However, she never expected that the system would recognize the panties that she had been wearing all this time to be an Artifact. To further prove this fact, she had actually gained the stated effects after holding the panties in her hand. Now, she felt like she could shatter a small mountain with her bare fist. Moreover, this probably wasn't a hallucination. Her mind that had been enhanced to an exaggerated extent was telling her that she really could smash a mountain into pieces.

However, along with the improvements, Alice also realized a very troublesome matter. So long as she picked up her underwear with her right hand, it would release a dazzling, white light that would cause even holy knights to kneel before her.

After putting more thought into the matter, Alice also quickly dismissed her thought of "I'll be invincible so long as I keep on holding my panties." After all, if she were to constantly hold onto her panties, she wouldn't be able to live a normal life with a blinding light constantly radiating from her right hand.

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