Chapter 2 - Wolf: I'm Also Dumbfounded
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 2 - Wolf: I'm Also Dumbfounded

Unfortunately for Alice, reality was often crueler than dreams. One's actions were also often the cause of one's demise.

Alice had previously removed the fallen leaves and branches in the area to avoid creating a forest fire. She had even tossed away all nearby stones to ensure she had a comfortable time sitting and sleeping. Hence, apart from the burning pile of leaves and branches, there was nothing else available in the clearing. There was also no way Alice could grab any of those burning things with her bare hands and use them as weapons. So, in a sense, Alice was indeed in a desperate situation right now.

What should I do…

Alice was panicking a little. For someone who had lived her entire life in modern society, she was incapable of thinking calmly in this life-threatening situation. It was already impressive that she could restrain her fear and suppress the urge to run away immediately.

Out of desperation, Alice tried hugging the big tree beside her. She wanted to see if the "system" in her brain would show compassion, deem the towering giant as a weapon, and provide her with a boost of combat power. Unfortunately, the tree was something Alice couldn't even pick up with her hands, so the system naturally wouldn't recognize it as a weapon. Alice also couldn't control the system and have it recognize anything as a weapon. Hence, she was truly out of options right now.

Left with no better options, Alice began preparing to escape as she looked at the approaching black wolves. She had no intentions of trying her luck in a brawl against five black wolves. So long as she fled out of their encirclement, she would be able to pick something up and use it as a weapon. If she got lucky, she might pick up a godly weapon like a "Tree Branch Dyed With a Dragon's Spit" and kill these wolves in one fell swoop. While the likelihood of something like that happening was minuscule, it was better than standing here and waiting for death to claim her.

After thinking up to this point, Alice stopped hesitating. Immediately, she turned around and fled. Meanwhile, not having expected their prey to suddenly run away, the five black wolves were momentarily stunned. Then, they snapped out of their daze and promptly began giving chase.

The black wolves were swift, and they looked like mini motorcycles as they chased after Alice. In merely the blink of an eye, the black wolves had already caught up to Alice. When Alice turned around and saw the wolves right on her back, she was given quite the huge fright. Then, she hurriedly bent down and picked up a tree branch.

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