Chapter 1 - Jungle Trekking With Alice
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 1 - Jungle Trekking With Alice

Transmigration had long since become a common trope in literature. In modern society, almost every young person who had dabbled in web novels would've come into contact with transmigration novels at one point. Some people would even imagine themselves crossing to another world or another timeline to satisfy their hearts' desire.

Meanwhile, Alice's case was a little more advanced. Not only had she read plenty of transmigration novels, but she even personally got transmigrated. However, she did not get hit by a truck because she was trying to save a little girl or an old lady crossing the road. She also didn't get stabbed while helping someone stop a thief. Instead, it happened in the blink of an eye. Literally.

After closing and opening her eyes while walking on the street, Alice suddenly found that her surrounding environment had changed. From standing in the middle of a metropolis surrounded by tall buildings made out of steel and concrete, she suddenly found herself standing in the middle of a dense and lush forest. Moreover, looking at how tall and massive the surrounding trees were, she probably wasn't in some grove. Instead, it looked like she was standing in a primitive forest that had never seen the signs of human tempering.

In reality, her real name wasn't Alice. However, after getting transported to this lush forest, she quickly noticed that her eye height had become inexplicably lowered. Hence, she made use of the nearby creek and verified that her appearance was no longer the same as before she had transmigrated. Instead, she was now a slightly shorter girl with blonde hair. If judging by appearances, she obviously looked like a westerner.

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Moreover, she was the type of girl that matched the impression of what Asians had of western girls. Even the clothes she wore were a white-and-blue dress. Lastly, she found a pendant hanging from her neck, and crookedly engraved on the pendant were the letters A-L-I-C-E.

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