Chapter 76 - I’m Not Trying to Brag, but I’m Also Quite Skilled at Boasting
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 76 - I’m Not Trying to Brag, but I’m Also Quite Skilled at Boasting

"I will take you to your lodgings now."

Luna, who had been on standby outside the office, immediately knew what she needed to do next as soon as she saw Alice exiting the office. Without even waiting for Alice to speak up, she had already taken the initiative to lead the way for Alice.

Alice was a little stunned by this rapid development. Then, when she saw that Luna had already moved some distance away from her, she hurriedly followed after the maid.

Alice would be studying magic in the March Royal School of Magic for the foreseeable future, so she couldn't stay in a temporary lodging such as a hotel. Thus, Hatter had specifically prepared a house for her. It was also for this reason that he had dispatched a maid to serve Alice.

"His Majesty has been in a bad mood recently."

To Alice's surprise, Luna had actually taken the initiative to strike up a conversation with her as they walked.

"Everyone in the palace knows that His Majesty has been facing mental problems recently, so everyone is worried about him. However, after hearing that you were coming today, he seemed to be in a very happy mood, Alice."

That's probably because he thinks I'm the only one who can save him, Alice mentally replied.

Alice could sympathize with Hatter's mood. According to historical records, the only time the Demon King's Power would leave the Demon King's body was after the Demon King had died. Thus, having the Demon King's Power attached to him was no different than carrying a fatal disease. Meanwhile, the Hero, who was capable of conversing with God, had become his only hope for surviving this fatal disease.

If God had a solution, everything would be happy. If God didn't have a solution, Hatter's only fate would be death.

"Actually, there was also a period when His Majesty was in a good mood previously," Luna added after arriving before the black sedan parked on the street outside the palace. Then, after opening the door for Alice, she continued, "That was when His Majesty first learned of Lord Hero's appearance. The smile on His Majesty's face was visibly brighter around that time… Going by that logic, does this mean your real identity is the Hero, Alice?"

Alice's heart clenched when she heard Luna's words. She didn't expect Luna to notice such a clue through Hatter's behavior. Moreover, her logic was hard to refute. After all, anyone would naturally link Alice with the Hero if they saw the two instances where Hatter behaved unnaturally joyful.

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