Chapter 75 - Troubling the Loli Goddess Again
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 75 - Troubling the Loli Goddess Again

Are you holding onto black panties as well?

To be honest, when Alice saw the black mist swirling around the king's hand, the first thought that came to her mind was panty-related. Fortunately, this strange thought only appeared in her mind for a moment before disappearing, and she had not spoken her mind. Otherwise, the king would probably think that she suffered from spiritual problems as well.

"Intense dark mana of unknown origins... I see. So, you suspect that this is the Demon King's Power?"

When Alice looked at the black mist enveloping Hatter's hand, she could sense the astonishing mana it carried. She had to admit that this truly resembled the characteristic of the Demon King's Power. Setting aside how difficult it was for someone in the human realm to gain an affinity for dark mana, even if someone managed to get such an affinity, it shouldn't be possible for them to cultivate their dark mana to such an intensity.

Just the mass of dark mana concentrated into the bit of black mist surrounding Hatter's hand had already surpassed the intensity of mana the average magician could obtain in their lifetime. Although there were special methods in this world to transplant mana from one person to another, there was a significant difference between transplanted mana and the mana circulating around Hatter's hand.

"I don't want this to be the Demon King's Power, but based on the current situation, that seems to be the case," Hatter said with a bitter smile. He had no desire to acquire the Demon King's Power whatsoever. "I don't know why the Demon King's Power would attach itself onto me, either."

Unlike the demons, humans did not uphold the principle of "might was right." As one of the human realm's kings, Hatter had no desire to pursue ultimate strength. Thus, rather than being a boon, the Demon King's Power had ended up becoming a huge burden to him.

"Do you hold some sort of resentment toward humans?" Alice asked after giving the matter some thought. According to historical records, past Demon Kings were chosen because of their resentment toward humanity. "Maybe you resent your people for overworking you?"

"I would've just resigned if I found the job too tiresome. Why would I resent the people instead?" Hatter didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he heard Alice's question. At the same time, he came to realize that while Alice might be the Hero, she was still a little girl at the end of the day. Her thought process was still a little too naive.

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