Chapter 77 - Morning, Maid, Gigantic Club
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 77 - Morning, Maid, Gigantic Club

After seeing Luna leave, the first thing Alice did was to give everything in the room a touch with her right hand. Of course, she wasn't doing so because she had suddenly developed a hobby for sexually harassing inanimate objects. Instead, she was trying to check if the Demon King's Power had tainted anything in the room. If the Demon King's Power had tainted something in the room, it would mean that Alice would have her every action monitored by the Demon King.

However, to Alice's surprise, there were no traces of the Demon King's Power in the room.

Could Hatter really be a good guy?

Hatter was the Demon King's Power's host. If he held malicious intent toward Alice, he would definitely wiretap this room to ensure that he had constant surveillance of Alice's actions.

Yet, Alice had failed to find anything tainted by the Demon King's Power in her room. In other words, Hatter might not hold any malicious intent toward her after all.

Forget it. I should still be careful even if I'm not being watched.

After thinking it over, Alice felt that she should still limit her actions even if she didn't find anything tainted by the Demon King's Power. Of course, she would still take the necessary measures to ensure her safety.

Having made up her mind, Alice took out the small box storing the Hero's Sword from her bag and opened it. Immediately, the dazzling Hero's Sword fell out of the box and hit the ground, the sword seemingly trying to complain about the injustice it had suffered through its ungraceful fall.

Not only did it receive a terrible name, but it was even being kept in the cheapest of spatial weapon storages. If the Hero's Sword had its own conscious thought, the first thing it would do would be to cut Alice.

Unfortunately, the Hero's Sword did not possess its own consciousness. So, it could only suck it up and accept the fact that its name was "Okay."

Alice picked up the Hero's Sword, not worried that Hatter might be spying on her. Hatter already knew that she was the Hero, in any case. So, there was no need to hide the Hero's Sword.

After holding the Hero's Sword in her hand, Alice muttered a short prayer in her mind and quickly noticed a change to the Hero's Sword's weapon information.

[Weapon: Hero's Sword - Okay]

[Quality: Law]

[Effect: Strength +8000, Constitution +8000, Speed +8000, Spirit +8000, Control +8000, Mana +8000]

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