Chapter 78 - Gap Moe
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How erotic of a scene would it be if a person woke up early in the morning to find a beautiful maid appearing in their room and sitting on them with her legs spread out?

It would've been even better if this maid wasn't holding a gigantic spiked club in her hands.

In the world Alice came from, there existed a term called "gap moe" that was used to describe the feelings of affection one experienced when one witnesses a person or character behaving in a way that contradicts their usual behavior, appearance, or personality.

However, rather than finding herself filled with feelings of affection, Alice was filled with horror when she saw the combination of spiked club+washboard maid.

The instant Alice saw Luna on top of her, every cell in her body warned her to run away immediately. Her powerful Spirit stat also allowed her to instantly predict the trajectory of Luna's spiked club and come up with several optimal escape paths.

Theoretically, the physical fitness and toughness Alice had received thanks to her 8000 points in Strength should've rendered her immune to even the cold weapons used by the kingdom's most elite fighters. However, the spiked club Luna wielded evidently wasn't an ordinary cold weapon. Thus, Alice dared not test whether her head could tank a hit from Luna's spiked club. Not to mention, the instant Luna swung down her club, Alice could the legs clamping her body down loosening their grip on her slightly.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Alice quickly retracted her legs and pushed against the bed using her left hand. Then, like a loosened arrow, her body shot off the bed and landed on the floor, successfully avoiding her fate of having her face smashed in by Luna's club.

Meanwhile, Luna's club did not stop just because its target had moved out of its way. Instead, it slammed into Alice's bed with a loud boom. Then, it proceeded to smash the huge bed in half and hit the floor unabated.

The moment the spiked club hit the floor, terrifying cracks instantly spread from the point of impact and covered the entire room. Even the ceiling was not spared from the attack.

"Fucking hell…"

Alice subconsciously cursed when she saw this devastating scene. With just one attack, Luna had pushed this room to the brink of collapse. The destructive power of Luna's attack far exceeded her imagination.

After tentatively standing up from the cracked floor, Alice frowned when she looked at Luna, who had already gotten off of the bed at this point. After all, the black mist circulating Luna's spiked club looked suspiciously similar to the Demon King's Power Hatter summoned in his hand last night.

"Why did you attack me, Luna?"

"Yes, why did I attack you, Alice?" Luna responded with a question of her own. "When you first told me that you were a spirit magician, I didn't actually believe you. Now, though, I think I'm starting to believe your words, Alice."

"What do you mean?" Alice asked as she glanced at the Hero's Sword…as she glanced at the bed sheet wrapped around the Hero's Sword in her right hand, wondering if she should remove the bed sheet in this situation.

However, after hesitating for a moment, Alice decided against doing so. Nothing would change even if she removed the bed sheet, anyway. Even if she kept the Hero's Sword concealed, she would still receive the weapon's 8000-point bonus to all stats. Not to mention, removing the bed sheet would mean exposing her identity as the Hero. So, she decided it'd be better to observe the situation and find out Luna's motive in attacking her first.

"I cannot let you resolve King Hatter's mental disorder," Luna said, shaking her head. Even in this situation, her expression and voice remained as indifferent as always. "Had you not resisted, you could've been sent away with your life, just like the other spirit magicians, Alice. Unfortunately, it seems that you are too strong of a spirit magician for my petty tricks to work on you, so I have no choice but to personally claim your life."

Alice was slightly stunned when she heard Luna's words. Then, she snapped out of her daze and asked in a low voice, "So…you were behind the mental breakdowns those spirit magicians suffered?"

Everything made sense now. Alice finally understood why the spirit magicians, who had treated Hatter, would suffer mental breakdowns even though they had only probed the surface of Hatter's spirit. Rather than the Demon King's Power inside Hatter's body, Luna's meddling was the cause of their mental breakdowns instead.

"Hatter isn't the Demon King at all. Instead, the Demon King's Power that is influencing his spirit is merely bait, right?" After linking the clues together, Alice quickly deduced the sequence of events that had actually taken place. "You placed a portion of your dark mana inside Hatter's body, causing him to mistakenly assume that the Demon King's Power had chosen him as its new host while simultaneously using this mana to corrode his spirit, forcing him to seek help… No, that's not entirely correct. You messed up all of the spirit magicians he sought help from, so those spirit magicians shouldn't be the targets you are trying to lure."

Luna remained motionless, seemingly intending to listen to Alice's deduction.

"The person you are trying to lure is the Hero, right?"

If the target Luna was trying to seek out wasn't those ordinary spirit magicians, there could only be one conclusion—the Hero. Apart from spirit magicians, the only person in the world capable of resolving the "Demon King's Power" inside Hatter's body was the Hero.

"Which was why you brought up the Hero more than once during our conversation," Alice said, concluding her deduction.

"That's right. I am indeed looking for the Hero," Luna acknowledged in a calm voice. Judging by how calmly she reacted to Alice seeing through her plans, it was evident that she had no intentions of keeping Alice alive. Dead people did not speak, after all.

When Alice noticed Luna getting ready for round two, she anxiously tightened her grip over the Hero's Sword. Thankfully, Luna had yet to discover her identity as the Hero and merely treated her as a powerful spirit magician. Otherwise, the silver-haired maid would've attacked with everything she got. In the event that happened, Alice wasn't confident she could cope with the maid's attacks. After all, even if she had all of her stats boosted by 8000 points, she still lacked any knowledge on magic and swordsmanship. Her actual power in combat definitely couldn't match Luna's.

Meanwhile, Luna's identity was already self-evident at this point. Not only was Luna capable of placing such powerful dark mana inside the Gryffin King's body to use as bait, but she also housed an even more powerful dark mana inside her body.

Simply put, Luna Cecilia was this generation's Demon King.

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Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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