Chapter 79 - Have You Ever Considered the Villa’s Feelings?
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 79 - Have You Ever Considered the Villa’s Feelings?

Is this really alright? I've only transmigrated for a short time, yet I've already uncovered the identities of the Hero and Demon King.

Alice couldn't help but voice a complaint in her mind as she looked at the silver-haired maid before her. It had only been around two weeks since she arrived in this world, yet the situations she had encountered were things that even the natives of this world would find unbelievable. Not only did Alice pretend to be the Hero and Demon King during these past two weeks, but she had even uncovered the real Hero and Demon King.

Though, unlike Aird, Luna seemed to be already aware of her identity as the Demon King. She was even capable of skillfully manipulating the Demon King's Power already.

Fortunately, judging by the hint of cautiousness in Luna's eyes, it would seem that the silver-haired maid had awakened as the Demon King only recently. Had Luna already reached maturity as the Demon King, she probably wouldn't have batted an eye even if Alice was immune to her mental attack and managed to dodge her sneak attack.

Meanwhile, going by the fact that Hatter had only started having mental problems around a year ago, Alice deduced that it should have only been a year since Luna had gained the ability to use the Demon King's Power in actual combat. Although one year's worth of training had allowed her to skillfully manipulate the Demon King's Power, she was still incapable of using it to its fullest potential.

However, there was still a limit to being cautious. After seeing no action from Alice for some time, Luna quickly understood that Alice did not intend on taking the initiative to attack her. Although the large bundle of cloth wrapped around the blonde girl's right hand looked very suspicious, Luna did not intend on waiting any longer.

Immediately, Luna raised her spiked club and dashed forward. Then, she swung the gigantic weapon at Alice, her hands never hesitating for even a moment even though her target was a cute little girl. Just the wind pressure created by the spiked club was already enough to cause the surrounding cracked walls to tremble.

Alice had no intentions of tanking the spiked club for the moment. Her strengthened spirit told her that even with 8000 points in Strength, her body still wasn't strong enough to take on a direct attack from the Demon King's Power. Thus, when Alice saw Luna lunging forward and swinging the spiked club down toward her head, she immediately kicked against the floor and dodged backward. Meanwhile, thanks to the 8000 Speed the Hero's Sword provided, Alice was able to dodge Luna's devastating attack once again.

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