Chapter 64 - Hero's Sword's Humiliation
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 64 - Hero's Sword's Humiliation

With God's panties in hand, Alice got kicked back to reality by the embarrassed and furious white-haired loli.

Alice didn't see what the Loli Goddess did exactly. All she knew was that her world had started spinning rapidly when the Loli Goddess kicked her. Then, when the world stopped spinning, she found that her consciousness had already returned to Aird's room, her right hand still holding onto Aird's wrist. Moreover, bundled in her left hand was the Loli Goddess's warm panties. Fortunately, she had held the panties with her left hand. Otherwise, holy light would be flooding Aird's room right now.

But Aird really sleeps like a rock…

After letting go of Aird, Alice felt her mana and strength vanishing instantly. Her razor-sharp perception also gradually disappeared. However, although Alice had returned to becoming a helpless little girl again, she was no longer worried about her future since she now knew that her body possessed potential rivaling the Hero.

The only thing that concerned Alice now was how much of a heavy sleeper Aird was. She couldn't help but suspect that Aird might become totally unaware of all dangers around her once she fell asleep. Moreover, thinking back on it now, if the Loli Goddess had been communicating with Aird in her sleep all this time, Aird might not have heard any of the Loli Goddess's hints at all. It would also explain why Aird remained ignorant of her identity as the Hero.

Aird was probably the first Hero to not hear God's voice because of how excellent her sleep quality was.

However, Alice considered this a positive situation. At the very least, Aird's unresponsiveness allowed Alice to communicate with God without interruption. Had Aird woken up, Alice's right hand would stop considering Aird as a weapon, and the Word of God ability would also stop working. At that time, not only would Alice have her conversation with God halted abruptly, but she would also have to explain to Aird why she had snuck into her room in the middle of the night.

Anyway, God's panties don't look any different from normal panties.

When Alice looked at the panties in her left hand, she felt that it looked no different from the white panties she wore when she first transmigrated to this world. She even suspected that the panties she wore at the time were actually God's panties, which would also explain their similarities.

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