Chapter 63 - Kami no Pantsu (神のパンツ)
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 63 - Kami no Pantsu (神のパンツ)

"The Hero's existence is an emergency law that I created after noticing the existence of the Demon King's Power."

In God's room, where God had taken on the form of a white-haired loli, God was currently playing Mario Kart with Alice while explaining the secrets of this world to Alice. She skillfully manipulated the Nintendo Switch controller in her hands while focusing her eyes on the massive OLED TV in the room.

"Law? So, the Hero has already become part of this world's natural cycle?" Although Alice was playing alongside this unreliable God, she placed most of her attention on their conversation. Meanwhile, her placement in the game constantly remained at last. "Just like how all life will one day die, apples will fall to the ground, and one plus one equals two?"

"I see you're a reader of Index as well. Yes, you're correct. Those can be considered laws," God said as she sent an approving glance at Alice. Just like her appearance, this God liked playing games and reading comics and novels. She did not look like a serious God at all. "With the new law I created, the Hero's existence in this world has become something natural as you have stated, and the Hero exists to oppose the Demon King's Power."

Alice nodded. She roughly understood why her right hand had evaluated Aird's weapon quality as "Law" now. It was probably because the "weapon" had already touched upon the laws of this world.

However, items that she could wield as weapons and be rated as "Law" were probably incredibly rare in this world. She guessed that the Hero and Demon King were probably the only weapons she could wield as "Law" weapons.

"Since the law where "The Hero is the Demon King's Power's nemesis" exists, before the Demon King's Power is thoroughly eradicated, the Hero will never cease to exist. Of course, only people with firm and kind hearts and people who are willing to protect others as the Hero can become my chosen Hero," God said while racing past the finish line and securing first place.

Then, God continued, "However, the Hero chosen this time is a little…out of the norm, so to speak. I didn't think that she would infiltrate the demon realm to become a spy. Because of that, she never got the chance to touch the Hero's Sword, which, in turn, means that she never got the chance to awaken the Hero's power within her. If you hadn't brought the Hero's Sword to the demon realm with you, who knows when Aird would've awakened."

"Maybe this is fate."

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