Chapter 65: Awkward Reunion
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"Alice, you must be careful once you go over to the humans' side. Make sure you don't get kidnapped by baddies. Even the hero novels brought over from the humans' side frequently bring up evildoers. This just goes to show that there are plenty of evildoers even in the human realm."

In the afternoon the next day, after Alice had lunch in Flaman's manor, she prepared to set off on her journey back to the human realm. Before she could leave, though, like a mother seeing off her daughter, Heris embraced her and kept on prattling about various things that she should pay attention to in the human realm.

Alice hadn't gotten much sleep last night because of the blunder she made. Her failure to find a way to change the Hero's Sword's name only served to distract her mind even further. So, she did not resist Heris's embrace or blabbering and simply listened to the demoness's warnings in a daze.

Meanwhile, the Four Heavenly Kings mentally struggled on whether they should smile at this scene. On the one hand, they felt conflicted about letting Heris treat Alice, the Demon King, in such a frivolous manner. On the other hand, they felt that Alice's appearance indeed resembled a life-sized doll and that there was nothing strange about letting Heris hug Alice.

Not to mention, Heris was Flaman's daughter. If she could maintain a close relationship with Alice, it would be good news for the demon realm. As the Four Heavenly Kings, they knew a lot more about the demon realm's history than most demons. 

According to what they know, the only Demon King to have ever succeeded in invading the human realm wasn't a bloodthirsty barbarian like what most people would assume. Instead, the Seventh Demon King had an amiable personality. It was also thanks to his friendliness that he managed to unite the demons and execute a successful invasion into the human realm. Thus, Alice's acceptance of Heris's behavior was good news for them.

"I think that's enough for now, Young Miss. Lady Alice might miss the caravan if you keep delaying her," Davis suddenly said. Even if he knew that his words would earn him Heris's dissatisfaction afterward, he had no choice but to do so. After all, he was Flaman's close aide. Since Flaman wasn't willing to offend his daughter, Davis had no choice but to play the role of the villain. "It's not like Lady Alice would be leaving forever. Also, if you really wish to see Lady Alice, you can just hide your tail and pay Lady Alice a visit in the human realm."

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