Chapter 66 - Hero's Sword: I'm Okay Now
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 66 - Hero's Sword: I'm Okay Now

"I'm finally back."

Inside a room on the Gryffin Church's second floor, Alice laid on her bed and fiddled with her phone as she let out a rueful sigh.

Although she had received excellent treatment over at the demon realm, she still felt more comfortable being in the human realm.

After all, being regarded as the Demon King by the Four Heavenly Kings also meant that she would be receiving the Four Heavenly Kings' hopes of invading the human realm. The pressure of carrying such hopes was immense. In comparison, the expectations the human realm placed on her were much lower. Unless the Demon King personally invaded the human realm, she didn't really have to do anything special. She could slack off as much as she wanted.

After informing Heris of her safe arrival through using her ability to connect with the demon realm's internet, Alice quickly found her next target through the human realm's internet—the March Royal School of Magic. Although it had a strange name, it was the best university in the Gryffin Kingdom. The university was situated in the distant Holl City, the Gryffin Kingdom's capital, which was also the place where the Gryffin King resided.

From what Alice heard, Zauna had already taken care of the necessary enrollment procedures for her. Coincidentally, Alice also needed to visit Holl City to visit the king. It had been quite a few days since she first became the Hero. Yet, she still hadn't met any of the human kings. So, it was necessary for her to at least meet with one of them.

Originally, Alice had been rather worried about meeting the human kings. After all, apart from the ability to wield the Hero's Sword, she didn't have any other means to prove her identity.

However, the situation had changed. Now that she had gained the qualifications to use the Hero's Sword, the weapon would no longer be garbage in her hands. Instead, it would become a Law-rank weapon. With the bonus stats she received from the weapon, the Four Heavenly Kings couldn't beat her even if they worked together.

Of course, Alice couldn't walk around with the Hero's Sword all the time, either. She would attract too much attention to herself and risk her identity as the Hero getting exposed otherwise. If that happened, those with malicious intentions would simply need to wait for a time when she wasn't holding the Hero's Sword to assassinate her.

While the sword is good, I can't exactly use it whenever I want.

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