Chapter 59 - Triple Agent
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"What does everyone think about this?"

Although the afternoon meeting had ended only a short while ago, the fact that Alice's second affinity was light magic was too shocking to overlook. Thus, even before dinner began, Flaman convened the other Heavenly Kings and Alice in the conference room and asked this question.

"The fact that Lord Demon King's second affinity is light magic is unprecedented throughout history… To be precise, never has our world seen anyone with affinities for both light and dark magic. This alone is unbelievable already."

If a person wanted to have even a chance of gaining affinity for light magic, they would have to be born in an environment with ordinary mana. As for dark magic, it was the exact opposite. A person would need to be born in an environment with polluted mana to have a chance of gaining an affinity for light magic.

In other words, under normal circumstances, people with light affinity could only appear in the human realm, whereas people with dark affinity could only appear in the demon realm. Theoretically, it should be impossible for any single person to have affinities for both attributes.

Of course, that was only when one considered the normal ways of acquiring light and dark affinities. Apart from the aforementioned ways, there were other methods to acquire these two affinities—be chosen by God as the Hero or become the Demon King's Power's host. Through these two methods, a person could acquire light and dark affinities, regardless of their original affinities.

Aird was one such example. Originally, Aird was only proficient at earth-attributed magic and sealing magic. However, after coming into contact with the Hero's Sword, she had also gained an affinity for light magic. As evidence, when Alice had been moving Aird's unconscious body, the information her right hand provided included a passive skill named Blessing of Light. The only thing stopping Aird from using light magic now was her ignorance toward the new affinity she had acquired.

"It isn't exactly impossible, though. After all, Lord Demon King was originally human. She might have had the potential to use light magic all along while she was in the human realm. It's just that nobody ever noticed this potential," Wintas said after some thought. "Afterward, the Demon King's Power selected her, and she acquired the ability to use dark magic. However, her ability to use light magic did not disappear. Thus, Lady Alice became the first-ever Demon King to have affinities for light and dark magic simultaneously."

When the others around the conference table heard Wintas's hypothesis, they nodded their heads in agreement. None of them doubted Alice's identity as the Demon King, either. After all, they had already witnessed the "Demon King's Power" in action before. Not to mention, it was a fact that Alice was originally a human. So, it wasn't too unbelievable for her to have an affinity for light magic.

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Meanwhile, when Alice saw how easily everyone accepted this nonsense, she couldn't help but hold her forehead and sigh. While she did hear that demons were more brawn than brains, she couldn't believe that they had accepted this situation without casting any doubt over it at all. With these blockheads ruling the demon realm, Alice truly worried for the demon realm's future.

However, after giving it more thought, Alice felt that this outcome was due to the preconceived notions Flaman and the others had. They had based their assumptions around the condition that "Alice was the Demon King," so it was only natural that they did not doubt Alice's identity as the Demon King. If Alice hadn't revealed the Hero's Sword to Aird, Aird wouldn't have doubted Alice's identity as the Demon King, either. Instead, she would still be trying to assassinate Alice even now.

"If that's the case, we might be able to use this to our advantage," Ellu, the Heavenly King of Water, said with a sinister smile. "Haven't we already agreed to keep Lord Demon King's identity a secret to prevent assassination attempts on her? In that case, we might as well send her to the human realm. I doubt the humans would ever think that the Demon King they're desperately looking for has already infiltrated their ranks, right?"

…Actually, the Hero you are desperately looking for has already infiltrated the demon realm.

Alice had the urge to say the words in her mind. However, she knew that she would be doomed if she did it, so she had no choice but to hold back her urges and quietly listen to the Four Heavenly Kings' awkward strategizing.

"Send Lord Demon King to the human realm? Wouldn't it be too dangerous?" Flaman frowned and glanced at Alice. Although he knew that Alice had the strength to wipe the floor with the Four Heavenly Kings, he trusted in Alice's words. Thus, he still believed that Alice couldn't freely call forth the Demon King's Power. "Lady Alice is too weak without making use of the Demon King's Power. What should she do if she comes into trouble in the human realm?"

"The human realm is different from the demon realm. Humans don't fight for status using strength alone. Out of the five human kings, only the Rhine Kingdom's king has passable strength. The rest are mere weaklings who can't even protect themselves," Ellu explained. "Not only will the humans' social system not oppress the weak, but there are even regulations that exist to protect the weak. So, even if Lord Demon King infiltrates the human realm, so long as she doesn't deliberately find trouble, she should be safe. She might even be safer there than here."

"Yes, there are indeed such regulations in the human realm. By looking at the hero novels that have recently found their way into the demon realm, we can also see what kind of values humans have. It is also because of these novels that our younger generation has started to take care of the weak recently," Wintas said while nodding. "Moreover, if Lord Demon King infiltrates the human realm, she can even enter a magic academy to study. Not only would she get to learn magical knowledge normally, but she could also acquire information on the human realm, killing two birds with one stone."

"It's a pity that the humans' Hero has already appeared. Moreover, he is even a man with a muscular body. Otherwise, with Lord Demon King's light affinity, we might even be able to have her impersonate the Hero," Flaman added. He, too, understood the value of Ellu's plan, so he readily agreed with it. "No matter. People with light affinity are still highly valued as researchers in the human realm. So long as Lord Demon King exhibits her mana while learning magic there, she will immediately gain the attention of the human kings and enter the upper ranks of human society."

"We will have the humans protect and nurture Lord Demon King. When we officially wage war against the human realm, the humans will definitely have very interesting reactions," Ellu said, her smile growing even more sinister. "Moreover, Lord Demon King looks harmless no matter how you look at her. There is no way anyone would link her with the Demon King."

That's true. Though it is also true that nobody has ever linked me with the Hero, Alice thought.

"What do you think, Aird?"

After enthusiastically coming up with such a plan, Flaman turned his attention to the only Heavenly King who hadn't spoken this entire time. However, Aird was usually indifferent and disliked speaking, so Flaman and the others didn't find anything strange with Aird's silence. Instead, they only sought her opinion after they had concluded their discussions.

Meanwhile, after Aird the spy-cum-Hero, who had infiltrated the ranks of the Four Heavenly Kings, took a look at the three other Heavenly Kings, she slowly nodded and said, "It's good."

"Good" my ass!

Alice couldn't help but feel miserable when she heard Aird positively evaluate the other Heavenly Kings' plans. After infiltrating the demon realm as a human spy, she was now being sent by the demon realm to infiltrate the human realm as a demon spy…

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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