Chapter 59 - Triple Agent
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"What does everyone think about this?"

Although the afternoon meeting had ended only a short while ago, the fact that Alice's second affinity was light magic was too shocking to overlook. Thus, even before dinner began, Flaman convened the other Heavenly Kings and Alice in the conference room and asked this question.

"The fact that Lord Demon King's second affinity is light magic is unprecedented throughout history… To be precise, never has our world seen anyone with affinities for both light and dark magic. This alone is unbelievable already."

If a person wanted to have even a chance of gaining affinity for light magic, they would have to be born in an environment with ordinary mana. As for dark magic, it was the exact opposite. A person would need to be born in an environment with polluted mana to have a chance of gaining an affinity for light magic.

In other words, under normal circumstances, people with light affinity could only appear in the human realm, whereas people with dark affinity could only appear in the demon realm. Theoretically, it should be impossible for any single person to have affinities for both attributes.

Of course, that was only when one considered the normal ways of acquiring light and dark affinities. Apart from the aforementioned ways, there were other methods to acquire these two affinities—be chosen by God as the Hero or become the Demon King's Power's host. Through these two methods, a person could acquire light and dark affinities, regardless of their original affinities.

Aird was one such example. Originally, Aird was only proficient at earth-attributed magic and sealing magic. However, after coming into contact with the Hero's Sword, she had also gained an affinity for light magic. As evidence, when Alice had been moving Aird's unconscious body, the information her right hand provided included a passive skill named Blessing of Light. The only thing stopping Aird from using light magic now was her ignorance toward the new affinity she had acquired.

"It isn't exactly impossible, though. After all, Lord Demon King was originally human. She might have had the potential to use light magic all along while she was in the human realm. It's just that nobody ever noticed this potential," Wintas said after some thought. "Afterward, the Demon King's Power selected her, and she acquired the ability to use dark magic. However, her ability to use light magic did not disappear. Thus, Lady Alice became the first-ever Demon King to have affinities for light and dark magic simultaneously."

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