Chapter 58 - Just Do Whatever You Want
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 58 - Just Do Whatever You Want

"This… What have you been doing here?"

A few hours had already passed when Flaman and the others noticed that something had happened in Alice's room. Prior to this, they had been discussing their plans on making use of Alice's unassuming appearance to their advantage. Only after it was time for dinner did they end their discussions.

Afterward, when Flaman came to invite Alice for dinner, he immediately saw the miserable state the place was in. Not only was the floor outside the room cracked, but even the carpet covering the corridor was stained with blood. The door to Alice's room had also disappeared, and replacing it was a bunch of wood chips scattered across the floor. Meanwhile, looking into the room, he could see that the room was an absolute mess, and even half of the bed was missing.

"Cough, cough… Aird and I were researching magic in the room," Alice lied. She definitely couldn't hide the fact that Aird had visited her room. So long as Flaman did a little investigation, he would immediately realize that Aird had been absent from her own room for quite some time. Thus, Alice naturally had to include Aird in her excuse. "But the magic's power was a little stronger than we expected, hence the state of the room."

Aird was now in the same camp as Alice. Not only were they both humans, but they were also spies in the demon realm. One was a human playing the role of one of the demon realm's Four Heavenly Kings, and one was a human playing the role of the Demon King. Alice couldn't help but pray for the demons when she thought about this situation.

"Researching magic?" Flaman wore a confused look as he walked up to the doorway. Then, he found that Alice's room was in a much more terrible state than he initially thought. Almost nothing in the room remained intact. "This feels a little familiar… Is this Aird's Gaia's Spear?"

As one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Flaman was somewhat familiar with Aird's magic. Although Aird's Gaia's Spear couldn't be considered a taboo, it was still a powerful spell that Aird could cast swiftly. Hence, it was extremely useful in battle. Meanwhile, looking at how most of the objects in the room were in pieces and sensing the dense earth-attributed mana in the air, Flaman could tell that Aird had indeed caused a ruckus here before.

We are, find us on google.

However, Flaman quickly frowned as he sensed another type of mana than earth-attributed mana. Although it wasn't a lot…

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