Chapter 57 - Real Hero and Fake Hero
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 57 - Real Hero and Fake Hero

The sound isolation barrier Aird cast was considerably reliable. It did not disappear even after Aird had fainted. Thus, even until now, Flaman and the others still weren't aware that something big had occurred in Alice's room.

However, it was rather fortunate that they remained ignorant. After discovering that something was fishy about Aird's identity, Alice hoped that Flaman and the others wouldn't notice the commotion that had taken place in her room.

After cleaning the bloodstains outside, Alice dragged Aird's body into the room. Although most of her room was in tatters right now due to the Gaia's Spear, there were still some places that remained intact. One example was her bed. The Gaia's Spear had only crushed half of her bed; the remaining half still looked fine. Thus, Alice still had a place to rest Aird's unconscious body.

However, when Alice tried to carry Aird onto the bed, a complicated expression immediately appeared on her face. The reason for this was simple. Alice naturally had to use both hands when carrying Aird onto the bed. Meanwhile, now that Aird was unconscious, Alice's right hand would naturally consider Aird's unconscious body as a weapon, just like it did when Alice grabbed onto Zauna's unconscious body.

Thus, Alice could now see her right hand's evaluation of Aird.

[Weapon: Mana Depleted Hero - Aird]

[Quality: Artifact]

[Effect: Strength +10000, Mana +10000]

[Additional Effect:

Awakened Hero (Passive Skill. Drastically reduces the consumption of stamina and mana when using a weapon blessed by God. Recovery speed of stamina and mana is greatly increased);

Word of God (Passive Skill. When praying sincerely, you can communicate with God and receive God's blessing);

Blessing of Light (Passive Skill. Your affinity with the light attribute is increased to MAX. When you are wielding a weapon blessed by God, exude a holy light that deals additional damage to dark-attributed enemies.)]

Previously, Alice guessed that Aird might be the real Hero after seeing the light show the Hero's Sword put on. Now that her right hand's evaluation also stated that Aird was the Hero, then Aird must be the Hero.

This isn't good news…

Alice grabbed the only chair in the room that wasn't destroyed and sat on it. Then, she looked at the unconscious Aird, a somber expression appearing on her face.

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