Chapter 56 - Alice Is Also Dumbfounded
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 56 - Alice Is Also Dumbfounded

While Aird wasn't paying attention, Alice quickly removed the pair of white panties inside her glove and stuffed it back into the pouch. Then, she walked up to the door and looked at Aird's dumbfounded expression, asking, "Well? I wasn't lying to you, right?"

At this moment, Aird looked at Alice as if she had just seen a ghost. She also couldn't help but feel that her brain was lacking.

Logically, if Alice could release such an exaggerated holy light, she should be the Hero. After all, both the darkness attribute and the light attribute were incredibly rare magical attributes. Even if one searched through the human and demon realms, one wouldn't find more than a thousand people with an affinity for either one of these rare attributes. And although people with these magical affinities typically carried great responsibility, their responsibilities laid in research rather than combat. This was because the use of these rare attributes held more significance in places other than combat.

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Take the light bulb that was commonly used in the current era, for example. The light bulb was an object capable of harnessing the light-attributed mana in the environment and using it to produce light. It was also something that a human researcher with the light attribute had invented around a thousand years ago. The invention of the light bulb had allowed the human and demon realms to overcome the darkness at night, and this invention could be regarded as an achievement of boundless merit. Meanwhile, because wielders of the light and dark attributes were focused on research, they generally had very little combat power.

Moreover, the exaggerated radiance Alice produced just now definitely wasn't something the average light magician could produce. Even if she was one of the rarer light magicians with great talent, it shouldn't be possible for her to produce that kind of light by herself. Unless, of course, she was the Hero.

However, Aird also found it hard to believe that Alice was the Hero. After all, she, together with Wintas and Ellu, had personally experienced Alice's dark-attributed spirit magic. The magic had overcome their defenses and knocked them unconscious. It had also proven that Alice indeed possessed the strength and magical affinity of a Demon King. Thus, Aird had chosen to assassinate Alice without hesitation.

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