Chapter 60 - Shocking! Lord Demon King Sneaks Into One of the Heavenly Demon Kings’ Room To…
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 60 - Shocking! Lord Demon King Sneaks Into One of the Heavenly Demon Kings’ Room To…

After the enthusiastic discussion between the Four Heavenly Kings, Alice's following actions were determined.

Using Wintas's connections, Alice would travel to the human realm with the help of a smuggling team. Wintas would also prepare a new identity for Alice in the human realm, with the new identity being a lost orphan in the Ymir Kingdom. With this identity, Alice would have a much easier time integrating into human society.

Afterward, taking advantage of the human realm's attitude toward weaklings, Alice would obtain the welfare of human society and gain a smooth entry into one of the humans' magic academies. Then, she would inadvertently reveal her affinity for light magic and immediately attract the attention of human society's upper echelon.

Following that, Alice would take advantage of the human realm's resources and continuously learn all sorts of magic to strengthen herself. While doing so, she would also steal the humans' top secrets. Then, once Alice matured and could take full control over the Demon King's Power, she would return to the demon realm and raise the banner of war against the human realm!

As for the possibility of Alice defecting to the human realm, that wasn't something the Four Heavenly Kings were worried about. Since the Demon King's Power had chosen Alice as its host, it proved that Alice bore deep hatred toward humans. Thus, it was almost impossible for her to side with humans.

Well, at least this solves the problem of my missing identity…

Inside the new room Flaman had arranged for her, Alice didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she looked at the identification card that had come from an orphanage in the human realm. There was a problem that had constantly been plaguing her before, and that was her lack of identity in this world. After all, she had appeared out of nowhere in this world.

Previously, when Alice had drawn the Hero's Sword from its metal pedestal and gained the identity of the Hero, she had lied to Zauna and Father Kasandora, saying that she had amnesia. Thus, neither of them had bothered to look into Alice's origins.

However, the situation with Alice's lack of identity couldn't continue forever. Once she met with the human kings, the kings were bound to look into her origins. Although they wouldn't be carrying out their investigation with ill intent, they would still be careful in their actions. If Alice still lacked a reasonable origin at that time, the human kings were bound to grow wary of her.

Now, though, all was well since the Four Heavenly Kings had taken the initiative to give her the identity of an orphan.

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