Chapter 61 - God Being a Little Girl Is Already a Classic
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 61 - God Being a Little Girl Is Already a Classic

According to the standard trope of transmigration novels, a novel protagonist should've met God even before being transmigrated.

Depending on God's kindness, they would even comfort the protagonist and reveal crucial information about the otherworld and the protagonist's cheat skill. Only after doing so would God let the protagonist transmigrate to the otherworld. They wouldn't simply let the protagonist transmigrate without knowing anything.

However, unlike those novel protagonists, not only did Alice get transmigrated to this otherworld without knowing anything, but she even had to take action herself to meet with this world's God. This situation was different from the various transmigration novels she had read in the past.

While inwardly complaining about her situation, Alice closed her eyes and began praying. Although Alice had been an atheist back on Earth, now that she had experienced transmigration, she couldn't care less about staying firm as an atheist. All she wanted to do right now was to return to her original world.

Fortunately, Alice's prayers were quickly answered as she suddenly felt light-headed. Then, when she opened her eyes again, she found that her consciousness had arrived at a white world.

Alice felt like she was experiencing a lucid dream. Although she had never experienced a lucid dream herself, if lucid dreams truly existed, they would probably resemble her current situation.

However, it would seem that she didn't have control over this dream. Even when she tried to think of a bunch of nonsense, the white space did not change according to her thoughts. Instead, as she recovered from her light-headedness, the white space gradually disappeared like passing clouds and revealed the scenery they concealed.

When Alice first arrived at this place, all she could see was white. Now, she could gradually see other things in this space. For example, the gaming console that was placed on the ground...


Alice subconsciously rubbed her eyes, thinking that she might've made a mistake. However, even after her eyes regained their clarity, the object on the ground still looked like a gaming console, no matter how she looked at it. Moreover, it wasn't a magical construct. Instead, it was a Nintendo Switch from Earth.

After hesitating for a moment, Alice took a tentative step forward to get a closer look at the console. Although her body was currently in an ethereal state, it would seem that she retained her freedom of movement in this space.

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