Chapter 306 - It Has Already Taken on Andusia’s Shape
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 306 - It Has Already Taken on Andusia’s Shape

How surprising. The Royal Magic Tower has its own internal network.

After taking a seat in the Royal Magic Tower's centermost library, Alice tried to access the internet with her phone and found that the tower had a network that was exclusively for internal use.

Moreover, the tower's internal network seemed to have a special layer of security added to it. Any content downloaded from it would be automatically deleted from the user's device so long as it was brought out of the tower. Although Alice had no idea how this security feature worked, it would more or less prevent people from spreading the Royal Magic Tower's information to the outside world.

While this wouldn't stop people who were resolved to steal information from the Royal Magic Tower, it did, in a way, show how much importance the Rhine Kingdom had placed on the Royal Magic Tower. So, any would-be thieves would have to first consider whether they could evade the Rhine Kingdom's inspection and endure the Rhine Kingdom's harsh judgment, should they be caught.

Of course, the Rhine Kingdom wasn't foolish to the point where it would put absolute faith in such a loose security system or its ability to discover and apprehend people who have stolen information from the Royal Magic Tower. As evidence, after Alice browsed around the Royal Magic Tower's network for a while, she didn't come across anything that looked like it would be considered a state secret.

In reality, most state secrets wouldn't even be kept on the internet or servers many people could access. Instead, the main method the various kingdoms used to store highly confidential information was by engraving encrypted magic patterns onto durable magic stones. This was also the method used by the various kingdoms' historians to pass down important parts of history. Not only could this method ensure that information could be securely passed down for thousands of years, but it could also prevent others from stealing the stored information easily.

But as I expected, the taboos kept here completely differ from the March Academy's practical taboos. After downloading a library app from the internal network, Alice browsed the library's catalog and found that most of the taboos kept here were different from the March Academy's taboo collection. Overall, it was worth investing time in learning the Royal Magic Tower's taboos. "It seems we'll have to spend a few days here, Andusia."

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