Chapter 305 - Nonsensical Fabrication
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 305 - Nonsensical Fabrication

Lilith eventually had her wish fulfilled as Alice made good on her promise and handed her the super rare Magical Girl Hikari figurine. Alice also refused Lilith's offer of monetary compensation, giving the latter the excuse of "this student ID is very important to me."

This situation touched Lilith. Although this was her first time meeting Alice in person, Alice's generosity and kindness to others made her think "as expected of someone who grew up in the countryside." Alice did not show the overbearing attitude generally found in nobles. On the contrary, she was a very amicable person.

Because of this, although Lilith eventually followed Alice's request and accepted the figurine without paying any money, she still patted her disappointing chest and vowed to Alice: "I still have some authority in the Rhine Kingdom. If someone tries to make trouble for you, come to me."

Essentially, Lilith was trying to say, "You look like a gullible person. I worry that you'll be tricked, so I'll protect you while you're in the Rhine Kingdom." When Andusia heard Lilith's words, she couldn't help but inwardly sneer. This was a perfect example of information asymmetry. Lilith might think that Alice was giving her(Andusia) to her for free, but little did Lilith know that she was the gullible one in this transaction.

Throughout her interactions with Alice, Andusia learned that Alice wasn't a bad person deep down, and most of her actions were done with good intentions in the big picture. However, Alice could also be much more devious than the average person if such behavior was necessary to accomplish some of her goals.

As for why Alice had refused to take Lilith's money, Andusia guessed that Alice must be feeling guilty over conning a fake student ID out of Lilith and felt it'd be inhuman of her to take Lilith's money on top of that.

Simply put, Lilith was still too young, even if she was royalty. She still wasn't aware of the evil in humans. At this point, Andusia couldn't help but wonder how Lilith would react once she disappeared. Would the girl realize that Alice had tricked her? Or would the girl think that she had accidentally misplaced her?

"This figurine is really well made. Every part of it feels like a real human body. There are no doll joints to give it an artificial feeling. I can't even begin to imagine how this thing was made."

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