Chapter 304 - Royal Magic Tower's History
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 304 - Royal Magic Tower's History

The magic town was quite large. Walking from the town's entrance to the Royal Magic Tower in the town's center took a few minutes. Yet, despite this distance, when Alice was standing at the town's entrance previously, she could clearly see the magic crystal atop the Royal Magic Tower.

Meanwhile, after arriving at the bottom of the Royal Magic Tower, Alice couldn't see what was at the top of the tower even when she looked up. Moreover, when she looked at the tower from afar, the tower clearly had a cylindrical shape. Yet, looking at the tower up close, she couldn't even see the tower's arc. It was as if the tower's exterior was a flat surface.

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"Massive, right? Most people would be shocked when they see the Royal Magic Tower up close for the first time," Lilith said, chuckling when she noticed Alice looking up at the tower with her mouth agape. Although Lilith wasn't given much priority despite being a member of the Rhine Kingdom's royal family, she still couldn't help but feel a sense of pride when she saw another country's princess shocked by one of her country's landmarks. "Actually, the Royal Magic Tower wasn't this big initially. When it was first constructed, it was roughly the same size as the average magic tower you see nowadays."

Constructing magic towers was a tradition of the Rhine Kingdom's magicians. The kingdom's magicians would construct themselves a tower and store all of the fruits of their research in their towers. They would also teach their students in these towers. However, the average magic tower was only slightly larger than the standard lighthouse. Their sizes were nowhere near as exaggerated as the Rhine Kingdom's Royal Magic Tower.

"You mean to say that the Royal Magic Tower was later modified into its current form?" Alice curiously asked as she followed Lilith to the Royal Magic Tower's entrance. This information wasn't available on the internet, so this was her first time hearing about it. "What did this tower look like initially?"

"The Royal Magic Tower was initially constructed by Mihla Doyle, a magician belonging to the royal family, roughly three thousand years ago. He used to be active as the Hero's assistant, garnered great fame, and became known as a Sage. Mihla's popularity eventually caused his magic tower to also become extraordinarily popular, and countless magicians would visit his tower to seek his tutelage."

Lilith answered without trying to hide anything. This information might not be available to the public, but it was widely available among nobles. As for why Alice wasn't aware of this information, Lilith simply thought that the rumors about Alice floating on the internet were true. If Alice was indeed Hatter's illegitimate daughter who was only discovered recently, it wasn't strange for the girl not to know about the Royal Magic Tower's history.

"Even so, it shouldn't have been expanded to such an extent, right?" Alice continued asking. "The current Royal Magic Tower has already become quite the scary size… The tower should have over a hundred floors already, right? I doubt civilization thousands of years ago was anywhere near advanced enough to produce such a massive structure. And even if Mihla had many students, I doubt he'd need a tower of this size."

"That's right. The problem is that Mihla is a very charismatic magician. Almost all of his students would choose to remain in his magic tower to help him after they've graduated. Moreover, Mihla's students would also teach their students in Mihla's magic tower," Lilith said, chuckling softly. Mihla was a member of the Doyle family, so her voice carried a hint of pride when she spoke about her ancestor. "Before Mihla passed away, multiple generations of magicians were already studying and working in the tower. Most of these magicians are geniuses, and they gradually turned Mihla's magic tower into the most famous sanctuary for magic in the Rhine Kingdom."

"I see. So it's mainly because of Mihla's charisma?"

Alice nodded in understanding. She also couldn't help but wonder what kind of person Mihla was to be able to attract so many magicians to study and work under him.

"By the time Mihla passed away, his magic tower had already undergone over two dozen expansions. Although it was still much smaller than the current Royal Magic Tower, it had already reached a scale that no other magic tower had ever achieved," Lilith explained as she led Alice into the Royal Magic Tower's entrance. Then, upon reaching the checkpoint, she pulled out her student ID as she continued, "After Mihla passed, the royal family took over the tower's management. However, instead of abandoning the tower, the royal family permitted Mihla's students to continue teaching in the tower. The royal family even helped them recruit talented students from all over the country."

"The king of that time must have been very wise," Alice exclaimed. The king of that time must have realized the importance of education and the potential Mihla's magic tower had in developing the Rhine Kingdom's education system. Hence, he had taken advantage of the opportunity to turn Mihla's magic tower into a place for higher magic education.

"Indeed. If we look at it from the modern era's perspective, the king of that time had indeed made a very wise decision. From then on, the Royal Magic Tower has only grown bigger and bigger, reaching its current scale after thousands of years of development," Lilith said as she waved her ID at one of the magic devices at the checkpoint, which, in turn, caused the doors before her to slide open. "Because the tower's expansions took place from inside to outside, the further out you go in the Royal Magic Tower, the newer the tower's sections would be. In contrast, the deeper you go into the tower, the older the sections will be. Mihla's original magic tower is even preserved at the centermost part of the tower. You can go and take a look if you are interested."

"I'll definitely go and have a look," Alice replied with a smile. Then, she followed Lilith's example, pulling out her fake student ID and gently waving it in front of a different scanner. Then, the doors before her opened up as well. It would seem that the forged ID Lilith made for her was usable. With this, unless someone decided to conduct an impromptu inspection of the server's student database, she should have no problems exploring the Royal Magic Tower.

Of course, Alice did not forget that the fake ID only had a limited effective period. This was probably because the counterfeit technology used to produce the fake student ID couldn't create a perfect article.

This wasn't particularly surprising since the Rhine Kingdom treated the Royal Magic Tower as if it were a restricted military base. The Rhine Kingdom must have used some extremely advanced technology on the student IDs to prevent counterfeiting, so it wasn't strange that the fake ID had flaws. In fact, it was already plenty amazing that Lilith and her thief associates had managed to forge a working ID.

"Well? No problems, right?" Lilith turned around and smiled when she saw Alice had also crossed the checkpoint. Of course, she wouldn't be so foolish as to say something like, "Your ID works, right?" which would be a dead giveaway that something was wrong with Alice's ID. "You can sell your figurine to me now, right?"

Alice could feel Andusia shuddering briefly on her shoulder when Lilith asked her question. It would seem that Andusia was starting to worry about the future that would await her once she entered Lilith's hands.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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