Chapter 307 - Genius Businessman
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Although not having Andusia by her side meant Alice had one less person to give ideas to her, Alice wasn't particularly worried since this situation was only temporary. With Andusia's strength, it'd be a piece of cake for the other party to escape and return to her side. After all, Andusia possessed the strength of a fully-developed Demon King.

Unless Lilith could come up with a figurine cabinet made with the Demon King's Power's essence, Alice honestly couldn't think of a way the Rhine Princess could use to prevent Andusia from escaping.

Of course, Alice had also considered the possibility of Andusia enjoying her new life so much that she might not return to her side. However, Alice felt that the possibility of that happening was incredibly slim.

After all was said and done, Andusia was a Demon King. Yet, Andusia was merely a figurine modeled after the character Magical Girl Hikari. If Andusia didn't want to get found out, she'd have to stay still and play the role of a figurine constantly. This meant that she couldn't play with her phone, walk around, or even talk.

Alice did not think that Andusia would be happy living such a life. Although Andusia also had the option of revealing her identity to Lilith, that was also a very unlikely possibility. After all, Lilith was the princess of a human kingdom. Andusia would only be asking for trouble if she told Lilith she was a former Demon King. At most, Andusia could only lie and say she was Magical Girl Hikari.

But would Andusia be willing to act like Hikari and make all those childish poses that Hikari made in the Magical Girl Hikari anime series?

Alice could already imagine the dissatisfied and reluctant expression Andusia would make at such a thought.

Hence, Alice was confident that Andusia would escape from Lilith and return to her side in the near future. Although she was a little unaccustomed to not having a chattering figurine sitting on her shoulder, she didn't worry about it too much. She simply treated it as an adaptation phase for when she eventually returned to her homeworld.

The Royal Magic Tower had undergone numerous expansions over the past several thousand years. Hence, it looked nothing like its original appearance now. The current Royal Magic Tower's scale far exceeded any building in Alice's memory. If comfort wasn't taken into account, one could probably fit half the population of a big city into the tower. If not for the existence of magic in this world, such a structure absolutely could not remain standing.

However, it was also because of the Royal Magic Tower's humongous size that even though the tower played host to most of the Rhine Kingdom's talented youths and many foreign transfer students, the tower remained spacious. This situation was also in Alice's favor as it reduced the risk of her getting exposed.

According to the information Alice found on the Mihla Forum, the method of contacting "Magic Tower Know-It-All" was different from the March Academy's "Academy Know-It-All." Frosette, or Academy Know-It-All, typically conducted her business via the March Academy's public forum and private messaging system. On the other hand, Magic Tower Know-It-All conducted his business at a fixed location in the tower. So, those seeking his services had to visit this designated location.

"Floor 12, Sector B7..."

Following the directions she found on the forum, Alice quickly arrived at her destination. Because the Royal Magic Tower had undergone numerous expansions over the years, its interior had long since reached an exaggerated scale. Meanwhile, Floor 12, Sector B7 referred to one of the many sectors of the tower.

"Floor 12" naturally referred to the Royal Magic Tower's 12th floor. Meanwhile, each floor was divided into Zones A to K, 11 zones in total. Zone A referred to the innermost part of the tower, while Zone K referred to the outermost part. Each of these zones was further subdivided into multiple sectors, and Sector B7 referred to the seventh sector of the tower's second innermost ring.

Because the Royal Magic Tower was expanded from the inside out, the deeper one traversed into the tower, the more ancient the tower would become. Zone A essentially covered the original Mihla Magic Tower, while Zone covered the area added during the tower's first expansion.

It went without saying that the deeper the zone, the greater its importance. The fact that this Magic Tower Know-It-All could occupy a place in Zone B showed that he had quite a lot of authority in the Royal Magic Tower. So, one could say this person had done an excellent job as a demon spy.

However, when Alice finally located Magic Tower Know-It-All's room on Floor 12, Sector B7, her expression turned a little ugly. This was because of the long line of people waiting outside the room.

At this time, the entire hallway outside the room was practically stuffed to the brim with people. Even then, none of these people waiting in line showed any signs of impatience. On the contrary, they excitedly discussed what questions they would ask afterward with the people around them.

This situation rendered Alice a little speechless. Looking at how many people were waiting in line, even if each person only spent one minute asking their questions and getting their answers, she'd still have to wait several hours before she could get her turn. However, judging by the enthusiastic looks of these people, could they really finish asking their questions in one minute?

"Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" Alice asked as she patted the back of a boy standing at the back of the line. Due to their height difference, Alice couldn't reach the boy's shoulder, so she had no choice but to pat him on the back. After seeing the boy turn around in confusion, Alice asked, "Are all of these people here to consult 'Magic Tower Know-It-All?'"

The reason Alice chose to ask this boy wasn't just because he was standing at the back of the line. It was also because the boy looked somewhat introverted and easy to talk to. At the very least, it seemed like he was the kind of person who would answer any questions a girl asked him.

Meanwhile, after the introverted boy looked at Alice, he cautiously answered, "That's right. Are you a freshman? Magic Tower Know-It-All knows almost everything there is to know about the Royal Magic Tower's history and latest developments. He even knows about the circumstances of every student. So long as your question is related to the Royal Magic Tower, he can answer almost all of your questions. So, everyone likes to consult him when they come across problems."

"Does he not charge money for his consultations?" Alice asked out of curiosity. However, she could already guess the answer even before the boy answered her question. After all, the long line of people waiting here already said it all.

If Magic Tower Know-It-All was charging money for his consultations, there'd be no way so many people would come and seek his services. At the very least, the average student would be deterred by this "paywall." As for noble students, while they probably wouldn't bat an eye at paying some money to have their questions answered, most of the hundreds of people here didn't look like they were nobles.

Of course, the average student would probably be willing to pay for a consultation if they had very important questions to ask. However, Alice had previously heard a plainly-dressed girl telling her friend about how she was going to ask about the likes and dislikes of a certain male classmate... This was obviously beyond the scope of what commoner students were willing to spend money on.

"Consultations are free," the introverted boy said, shaking his head. "But you will be asked to watch a 30-second advertisement before the consultation. Once you finish watching it, you can ask questions for free."

Fuck. So that's how this works?

Alice held her head in pain as she realized what kind of scheme this Magic Tower Know-It-All was running. If Magic Tower Know-It-All charged money for his consultations, it would undoubtedly reduce his customer base. Hence, he had opted for a "free" consultation model where he'd require his customers to watch advertisements in exchange for his services. In doing so, not only could he increase his customer base, but he could also earn money through his sponsors.

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However, this also meant that in addition to the time they spent on their consultation, every person that entered Magic Tower Know-It-All's room would have to spend an additional 30 seconds watching advertisements…

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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