Chapter 308 - Spirit Magic Truly Is Useful
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 308 - Spirit Magic Truly Is Useful

There were simply too many people waiting in line. If Alice were to play by the rules, she'd have to stand in line for at least several hours. Knowing this, Alice began coming up with a plan that would allow her to quickly cut the queue and converse with Magic Tower Know-It-All.

Of course, a short conversation wouldn't be enough for her to gain much useful information from Magic Tower Know-It-All. If she wanted to learn about the situation between the demons and the Rhine Kingdom's royalty in detail, she might have to spend several hours talking and exchanging information with Magic Tower Know-It-All.

However, Alice felt that it would be inappropriate if she were to take up several hours of Magic Tower Know-It-All's time and let such a long line of people wait outside. Doing so would also attract unnecessary attention to herself.

Hence, Alice decided that she would find a way to get into Magic Tower Know-It-All's room and identify herself to the other party. Then, once Magic Tower Know-It-All was done with his work, he could contact her, and they could take their time discussing the culprit impersonating Prince Etoria.

As for how Alice was going to sneak into Magic Tower Know-It-All's room without anybody noticing, that was a problem she needed to spend some time considering. This wasn't a problem she could easily resolve just by using her magic robe's Mana Concealment ability.

As mentioned previously, the corridor outside Magic Tower Know-It-All's room was crowded with people. It was so crowded that students and teachers passing this corridor had to squeeze their way through. So, even if Alice went invisible, she would most likely be discovered immediately if she tried to cut the queue and sneak into Magic Tower Know-It-All's room.

At this moment, Alice couldn't help but wish Andusia was by her side. With her small body, Andusia could easily sneak past the crowd undetected so long as she concealed herself with magic. Unfortunately, Andusia was currently busy playing the role of a figurine at Lilith's place.

Speaking of which, I don't have to enter the room in person, right? My aim is just to send a message to the person in the room and have him contact me once he is done with his business here, Alice thought to herself as she left the crowded corridor and walked into the neighboring corridor.

Floor 12's Sector B7 didn't only have one corridor. However, aside from the one connected to Magic Tower Know-It-All's room, the other corridors in the sector were sparsely populated. Meanwhile, after walking into the neighboring corridor, Alice looked toward a girl standing at the front of the long line.

There was a stairwell situated between the crowded corridor and the corridor Alice currently stood in. However, the two corridors weren't far apart from each other. Alice's psychic energy had also received significant improvements thanks to Psychokinesis Transcendence. Hence, she could spread her psychic energy all the way to the neighboring corridor.

Originally, Alice had planned on getting someone at the front of the queue to pass on a message for her. However, when she approached the people at the front, she learned that Magic Tower Know-It-All had one rule that all customers had to abide by—every person was only allowed one question after entering the room. Moreover, even small talk would be considered a question. Because of this, nobody was willing to help Alice pass on her message. It was especially true considering they were strangers.

Alice felt that should Magic Tower Know-It-All learn about her identity, he would definitely make an exception to the messenger and permit the messenger to ask a few more questions out of respect for her. However, Alice couldn't tell these innocent students that she was the Demon King.

Although I feel a little sorry for you, I have no choice but to get you to help me. I promise I'll compensate you if I get the chance in the future.

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While inwardly muttering an apology, Alice manipulated her psychic energy to envelope the girl standing at the forefront of the queue. Psychic energy was very versatile. Aside from being a formless existence, it also had very good mana conductivity.

In other words, many spells that required physical contact to take effect could be triggered at a distance with the help of psychic energy.


The girl at the front of the line was originally enthusiastically talking to her friend behind her about what she was going to ask later. However, she suddenly paused when she felt something was pressing on her temples.

However, before the girl could figure out what was touching her, a strange mana flowed into her head through her temples, causing her to take on a dazed expression.

This was the work of Consciousness Transformation, the spirit taboo Alice had previously used on Kamia. However, as Alice didn't have the mana to cast complete taboos, she could only cast a weakened version of Consciousness Transformation right now. Even so, it was enough to take effect against an apprentice magician.

"What's wrong?" the girl's friend asked worriedly upon noticing the girl's sudden loss of expression. "Let's go to the infirmary if you're feeling unwell. We can come back here some other day."

"No, I just suddenly remembered something, that's all," the girl said, shaking her head. She naturally declined her friend's suggestion since there was nothing wrong with her body. She only froze for a moment because she had suddenly thought of something she needed to do afterward. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, she couldn't figure out what exactly she needed to do. However, whatever it was she needed to do, she decided to leave it for later. She had already waited in line for a long time, so there was no way she would leave now that her turn was coming next.

Soon, the door of the activity room in front of the girl opened, and a boy walked out of it. Seeing this, the girl's eyes brightened, and she hurriedly entered the room to ask the question she had prepared beforehand. Unfortunately, because of the memory Alice had planted into her mind, she would only be conveying Alice's message after she entered the room.

Alice sighed in relief when she saw the girl walking into the room. Consciousness Transformation was a taboo-level spell, so the instructions she planted in the girl's mind should take effect without fail. However, as Alice still didn't know how to read memory codes, she couldn't see what Magic Tower Know-It-All's reaction was after hearing her message. Though, this situation further increased Alice's resolve to study this topic afterward.

After all, the ability to read a person's memories was considerably useful. If she didn't learn how to read memories, Consciousness Transformation would be reduced to a spell that could only allow her to plant memories. This was a considerable waste.

Sometime later, Alice saw the girl walking out of the room with a confused expression. By the looks of things, the girl was having difficulty remembering what she had just said in the room. However, the girl should have also realized that she had asked a question different from the one she had prepared.

Well, then. The next step will be to wait for that person to contact me.

Alice nodded in satisfaction before leaving the area. Once Magic Tower Know-It-All was done with his business, he should take the initiative to contact her. After all, the Demon King sat at the top of the demons' social hierarchy. As a demon spy, Magic Tower Know-It-All definitely wouldn't dare to ignore the Demon King's summons.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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