Chapter 30 - Pitiful Milu Rabbit
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Alice was given a fright. She clearly remembered that she hadn't seen Heris during her run to the castle, so she never expected Heris to appear inside the castle ahead of her. Moreover, the demoness was even standing in front of the black crystal.

Subconsciously, Alice stuffed the black panties in her hand back into her pouch. After all, she and Heris could already be considered acquaintances by now. It would hurt her image if the other party caught her holding onto a pair of panties. Although the black mist gave off an oppressive feeling, the mist was also a little translucent. Hence, if Heris had good eyesight, it was still possible for her to see Alice holding onto a pair of panties in her hand.

"You're finally here, Alice."

Heris, who stood with her back facing Alice, turned around, a subtle smile appearing on her face as her eyes locked onto Alice. Then, she focused her gaze on Alice's right hand. Although Alice had already returned the black panties into the pouch, the black mist had yet to dissipate completely; there were still some traces of it stuck to Alice's hand. "Is that your Demon King's Power? It is indeed outside of my expectations that you would be the Demon King."

"Why are you here?" Alice frowned, her instincts telling her that something was amiss. Because of this feeling, she didn't completely retract her hand from the pouch. Instead, she left it hanging by the pouch's mouth so that she could retrieve the panties inside at any time. "Didn't you say you wouldn't be coming with me?"

"I suddenly thought of something, so I decided to follow you," Heris said, her voice sounding so calm that it unnerved Alice. After all, while they were in the car, Heris had continuously harassed her like a hoodlum. Yet, now, she was behaving so properly. This contrast in behavior caused Alice to feel uneasy. Then, Heris continued, "Speaking of which, since you are the new Demon King, Alice, have you heard about the previous generation's Demon King?"

"No. I looked it up on the internet, but there isn't much information on t

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Novel Notes

PHA is going on a hiatus until January 1st, 2023. It's becoming increasingly stressful to translate PHA due to all the unneccessarily elaborate yet unimportant contexts, so I've decided to take a break from PHA and have a go at it again next year.
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