Chapter 31 - Life Is Full of Ups and Downs
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 31 - Life Is Full of Ups and Downs

"You…used all of the anti-radiation magic stones on a Milu Rabbit???"

Heris's voice was filled with a sense of disbelief. The Milu Rabbit was a creature commonly found in both the human realm and the demon realm. It was a relatively common species among the mammalian lagomorphs, and members of the species would typically hold small traces of mana in their bodies.

However, as the amount was tiny, the Milu Rabbits couldn't unleash their mana for offensive or defensive purposes. Instead, the only purpose their mana served was to make their meat more tender and delectable. It was also for this reason that people had even created farms specialized in raising Milu Rabbits. Hence, one could say that Milu Rabbits were staple foods for both humans and demons.

Yet, Alice had wasted a bunch of magic stones just to protect one of these ubiquitous Milu Rabbits. Her actions were simply incomprehensible. It was akin to a person giving their only hazmat suit to a chicken when entering a radiation zone.

"I remember that you only used one magic stone on yourself when entering the radiation zone... Its effects should've long since disappeared before you reached here, so how can you still move here normally?"

"Who knows? Maybe it's the He— That's none of your business, isn't it?" Alice said, shrugging. She had very nearly said that it was the "Hero's privilege" out of habit. Fortunately, though, she managed to correct herself in time.

The reason why Alice could move about normally in the radiation zone was naturally because she had been holding onto a pair of panties previously. The bonus of 7,000 points in her Control stat allowed her to effortlessly assimilate her mana with the crumbling protective film's mana and strengthen the protective film. Now, even though she was no longer holding any panties in her right hand, the protective film could still ensure her safety in the radiation zone for the next 10 to 15 days.

"Forget it. I never expected this little trick to work against you, to begin with, since you are also a Demon King," Heris said, frowning as she stared at Alice with a look of impatience. Then, she waved her right hand, instantly summoning several magic arrays around the hall. Following this, several large crystals slowly emerged from these magic arrays. "Since you used the magic stones I gave you on the Milu Rabbit, I'll use this method to imprison you instead."

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