Chapter 32 - The Reason Why Antagonists Are So Talkative
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 32 - The Reason Why Antagonists Are So Talkative

Grant, the previous generation's Demon King, currently appeared to be in a state where only his soul existed. Although he had parted with Heris's body, his feet remained inside Heris's body.

"You are right in that I did not expect this generation's Demon King to have appeared already…but no matter. So long as I kill you, nobody will find out that the new Demon King has already appeared," Grant said.

However, Alice didn't show much reaction even when she heard that Grant intended to kill her. If the other party truly intended to kill her, he would've done so already. After all, she was currently pinned down by his powerful gravity magic and could put up no resistance whatsoever. Even an ordinary person could just walk up to her and choke her to death with their bare hands right now. Yet, Grant did not kill her.

"You have nothing but your soul left, yet you are still thinking of making trouble?"

"It is because I have nothing but my soul that I prepared all of these things," Grant said, grinning. As he spoke, the clarity of his hazy body gradually increased. Now, it was even possible to see the expressions on his face. Then, pointing at the black crystal behind him, Grant continued, "Who do you think left this radioactive crystal here? Of course, it is I, the previous generation's Demon King.

I created this crystal to drive away ordinary demons and house my soul. Then, once I attached my soul with the crystal…all I needed to do was wait for a worthy prey to appear."

"You hid your soul inside that crystal?" Alice was stunned. "You mean Heris only got possessed because she approached Demon King Castle?"

"That's right. I already sensed your presence when you two were approaching the castle. Although you two haven't entered the radiation zone yet at the time, my possession ability extends far beyond the radiation zone. Hence, I had already occupied this girl's body long before you even realized it," Grant said, seemingly elated to explain these things to Alice.

Then, Grant frowned and continued, "After possessing her body, I quickly read her memories and found out the purpose of your visit. Then, to prevent you from becoming a hindrance, I planted gravity magic into those anti-radiation magic stones in preparation to contain you. But who knew you would use all those magic stones on a mere Milu Rabbit…"

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