Chapter 33 - Outstanding Achievers Deserve a Name
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 33 - Outstanding Achievers Deserve a Name

Alice indeed lacked the means to resist Grant for the time being, so she could only watch as the former Demon King absorbed Heris's mana. Fortunately, Grant was only taking Heris's mana instead of outright killing her. At worst, she would enter an exhausted state for a long period before making a full recovery.

As Grant absorbed more of Heris's mana, the clarity of his soul also continued increasing. Eventually, Grant's soul had even parted with Heris's body completely and looked no different than a living person. Only, if one paid close attention, one could still see the objects located directly behind Grant's soul. Right now, his soul looked like it had 90% opacity.

"Phew... The child of one of the Four Heavenly King certainly has a lot of mana. In my current state, I should be able to interfere with reality to a certain extent."

Grant's soul hovered in the air, separated from Heris's body. Unlike Bifrons and Heris, the two demons Alice had met thus far, Grant did not possess demon horns, bat wings, or a black tail. Based on this fact, Zauna's statement that Demon Kings originated from humans might be true.

"I have no use for this fellow anymore, so I'll return her to you," Grant said before kicking Heris's body and sending her flying and falling right beside Alice. Just like Grant stated, his soul could now interfere with reality. "Although you two have only known each other for a short period, I'll kill you two together to save you from a lonely death."

The corners of Alice's eyes twitched when she heard Grant's words. Then, she glanced at the demoness beside her.

After having almost all of her mana drained, Heris now wore a pale complexion, cold sweat covering her face. Moreover, seeing as she remained unconscious even after getting kicked and hitting the ground, it was unlikely that she would regain consciousness anytime soon. And even if she did regain consciousness, she wouldn't be of any threat to the former Demon King unless she rested for a few weeks and recovered her mana.

"Although I can now touch objects, a soul is still a soul at the end of the day. That girl's soul has merely patched up the deficiencies in my soul. It is still not enough for me to use my original strength."

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