Chapter 34 - A Counterattack That Should Have Been Awesome
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 34 - A Counterattack That Should Have Been Awesome


Grant became furious when he saw that the Milu Rabbit had destroyed one of the magic crystals. Immediately, he started walking toward the Milu Rabbit. However, as soon as he took his first step, he seemingly realized something and stopped. Then, he turned to look at Alice.

Meanwhile, just like Alice had expected, the black crystal facing her right hand was responsible for casting the gravity magic suppressing her right hand. Meanwhile, as soon as the Milu Rabbit shattered the crystal, Alice could feel the restraints on her hand disappearing. When Alice found that she could lift her right hand again, she revealed a satisfied smile.

"You seem to be very happy?" Grant narrowed his eyes as he intently stared at Alice's face, a dangerous expression on his face. He looked like a great white shark that was going to tear its prey to shreds in the next moment. "You merely regained movement in your right hand. Do you honestly think you can defeat me with just one hand?"

After saying so, Grant lifted his right hand and turned it into the shape of a claw. Immediately afterward, black mist slowly seeped out of his hand, the mist giving off an evil feeling.

Upon seeing this black mist, Alice finally understood why Grant would immediately assume her to be the new Demon King when he previously saw the black mist oozing out of her right hand. Grant had not been merely making a blind guess. Instead, it was because he could exhibit a similar effect when casting magic as a Demon King.

"Although I haven't fully absorbed the mana in the crystal, no matter. Without the Demon King's Power's support, you feel no different from that Milu Rabbit over there. I can easily turn you into meat paste."

Grant's gaze sharpened as he leisurely explained his thoughts. Despite having already decided to take action, he still chose to run his mouth for a moment.

Seeing this, Alice couldn't help but pity the former Demon King. The centuries of solitary confinement had truly taken a toll on his mind. However, this situation suited Alice perfectly. The greater Grant's desire to talk to others, the more chances Alice would have to take action. Then, looking at the black mist surrounding Grant's right hand, Alice said, "Although I can only move my right is more than enough!"

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