Chapter 35 - Next Time for Sure (Referring to Giving a Name to the Milu Rabbit)
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 35 - Next Time for Sure (Referring to Giving a Name to the Milu Rabbit)

The Purification Blade that had vaporized a large chunk of the Gryffin Forest had failed to instantly destroy Grant. It should be known that Grant was still in a soul state. Moreover, his soul hadn't even fully recovered its strength. Yet, he still managed to withstand Purification Blade's power. Alice couldn't help but admit that the former Demon King was indeed powerful. Even his soul was a lot stronger than the Boria Wolf King.

Moreover, apart from Grant, the castle remained intact as well. This was probably because two generations of Demon Kings had strengthened Demon King Castle, and these Demon Kings had strengthened the castle with the knowledge that Heroes and Demon Kings were existences capable of freely launching taboos.

"Bastard! My resurrection is just in front of me! How can I die in such a place?!"

Grant could sense that his soul was quickly dissipating. If the burning of his soul could be seen with the naked eye, then his soul would be frantically releasing smoke right now.

Fortunately, although Purification Blade was a taboo-level spell, it had its limits. It couldn't remain in effect forever. Amidst Grant's desperate struggles, Purification Blade's light gradually dimmed. Just when Grant's soul was on the brink of disappearing, the light vanished completely, and the castle's interior reverted to its original state.

"Hah… Hah… I'm not dead… I'm still alive…"

Grant repeatedly gasped for air. Although his soul didn't need to breathe, the exhaustion and overdrawn feeling he experienced made him instinctively pant. Purification Blade's power was much stronger than he expected. The damage the magic did to his soul was especially severe. When he looked down at his body now, he found that his body had become transparent and blurry again.

Frowning, Grant thought to himself, Dammit, I spent too much power resisting that spell… No matter. I can still interfere with reality, at the very least. I won't have to rest inside that damned crystal for another few centuries.

After inspecting his body's condition, Grant looked up and glared at Alice, only to be stunned by what he saw. Before he realized it, Alice had already freed herself from his gravity magic. Now, not only had she stood up already, but she had also picked up the pouch holding unknown objects from the ground.

"Yo, you survived?"

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Alice waved at Grant, an evil smile appearing on her face as she looked at the former Demon King's stunned expression.

"You… How did you…"

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