Chapter 36 - Superhuman Alice
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Alice tentatively reached for a protrusion on the radioactive crystal. Fortunately, although the crystal was large, it wasn't to the point that her system refused to acknowledge it as a weapon. As evidence, the crystal's weapon information appeared in Alice's mind.

[Weapon: Radioactive Soul Stone - Grant Specific]

[Quality: Epic]

[Effect: Strength +500, Spirit +1000, Control +1000, Mana +1000]

[Additional Effect:

Mana Radiation (Passive Skill. Release a large radioactive mana field with the weapon as the center);

Soul Attachment (Active Skill. You can attach your soul to this weapon);

Demon King's Protection (Passive Skill. Opponents weaker than the user cannot destroy or move this weapon.)]

It isn't Garbage?

Alice was surprised. This was her first time seeing a weapon rated as Epic. Before this, the weapon ranks she had seen were Garbage, Not Bad, Fine, and Artifact. Simply put, the weapons she had seen were either overwhelmingly powerful or incredibly underwhelming.

Moreover, this Epic-rated crystal was probably the only weapon whose appearance and setting fit its rank.

But this is problematic… How am I supposed to destroy this thing now that it isn't Garbage? Alice frowned when she sensed the boost in power she received from the crystal. Moreover, this additional effect… I see. This "Demon King's Protection" is responsible for keeping this crystal intact until now. Anyone weaker than Grant wouldn't be able to destroy or move it with this buff in place. Grant must've also been at his peak when he strengthened this crystal, so someone must be at the level of a Demon King at the very least to destroy this thing.

After making this discovery, Alice realized that the Windy Kingdom's king might not have been spouting nonsense after all. He might have known about the Demon King's Protection buff, hence he had said that only someone with the strength of a Demon King could destroy this black crystal.

…Wait. If you think about it normally, the "user" mentioned in the Demon King's Protection's description should indeed be Grant. Alice started carefully pondering whether there was a loophole she could exploit in the additional effect's description.

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