Chapter 37 - Heris Never Forgets Her Priorities
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 37 - Heris Never Forgets Her Priorities

Heris shuddered even harder when Alice's gaze fell on her, probably shocked by the previous sight of Alice destroying the radioactive crystal in two punches.

The radioactive crystal in Demon King Castle was something known by everyone in the demon realm. Apart from turning the group of businessmen who had bought Demon King Castle into a laughingstock, the crystal had also left the impression of being indestructible in everyone's minds. Yet, now, Alice had casually lifted the crystal and shattered it with two punches.

The sight was no less shocking than seeing a little girl pick up the Statue of Liberty with one hand and then smashing it into rubble in two punches. Simply put, it was a very, very shocking sight.

However, there was one good thing about this otherworld, and that was the fact that while such a scene was indeed astonishing, it wasn't at the level of being unimaginable. Moreover, although the demon realm's inhabitants recognized that the radioactive crystal was indestructible, they also knew that this condition wasn't all-encompassing. To be precise, since the former Demon King had left this crystal behind, it stood to reason that the next generation's Demon King should have a way of dealing with it. In other words, since Alice had just dealt with the crystal, it meant that...

"L-Lord Demon King?"

Heris gulped as she looked at Alice's petite body, an invisible pressure pressing down on her. Although her senses currently told her that Alice was no different than an ordinary peasant girl, she had personally witnessed Alice destroying the radioactive crystal just now.

Moreover, along with the crystal's destruction, the uncomfortable feeling Heris experienced due to the radiation had gradually dissipated. This proved that Alice didn't shatter a fake crystal, but the real deal that had been sitting in Demon King Castle for the past three centuries instead.

Meanwhile, Alice clenched her fists as she looked at the trembling demoness, her mind thinking of a proper response for this situation. Alice felt quite th

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Novel Notes

PHA is going on a hiatus until January 1st, 2023. It's becoming increasingly stressful to translate PHA due to all the unneccessarily elaborate yet unimportant contexts, so I've decided to take a break from PHA and have a go at it again next year.
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