Chapter 38 - Familiar Scene
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"What do you plan on doing next, Alice?"

Heris revealed a satisfied smile after finally getting her wish fulfilled. Then, she followed Alice out of Demon King Castle.

Although Alice had already destroyed the radioactive crystal, she did not intend on moving into the castle. After all, she only needed the Demon King's identity. If she wanted to enjoy the treatment of a Demon King, she would need to possess a Demon King's strength and uphold a Demon King's responsibilities.

Obviously, Alice did not possess the strength of an actual Demon King, and neither did she want to lead the demon realm into invading the human realm. On the contrary, she was currently thinking of ways to delay the potential war between the human and demon realms and, if possible, figure out a solution to resolve the conflict between the two realms.

For example, she could improve the demon realm's environment.

The pollution in the demon realm was caused by polluted mana rather than industrialization. Hence, planting more trees naturally couldn't be used as a solution. However, Alice figured that since this world's inhabitants had figured out how to utilize mana, it should also be possible to come up with a way to purify polluted mana.

Of course, Alice couldn't mention this idea of hers to Heris right now. Heris was someone with the standard demon mind. She was filled with thoughts of having Alice lead the demons into attacking the human realm. Hence, in response to Heris's question, Alice gave a very standard answer, saying, "I cannot use my strength whenever I want right now, so I still need to continue training. Only after I can fully utilize the Demon King's Power will I go duel the Hero. Before that, I intend to conceal my identity to avoid human assassins and certain overly enthusiastic demons."

With the demons' personality, there were bound to be a few troublemakers who would come to pick a fight with the newly-born Demon King in the name of determining whether this new Demon King was worthy of leading the demon race. Alice felt that part of the reason past Demon Kings didn't like the demon race very much was because of these early troublemakers souring their impression of the demon race.

"You're right. Although you are indeed powerful, if the humans know your appearance and send assassins after you, things will indeed become troublesome."

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