Chapter 39 - Unfortunate Milu Rabbit
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 39 - Unfortunate Milu Rabbit

After buying some food from the nearby city, Alice and Heris began making their way to the Fear Kingdom. Although the demon realm's development was slightly behind the human realm's, it wasn't inferior by a large margin. All the transportation essentials were present, and roads linked all of the cities and kingdoms here together. Hence, it only took one whole day to drive from the Windy Kingdom to the Fear Kingdom.

Although driving for 24 hours might seem unbelievable in the average person's eyes, it wasn't a problem for Heris. The demoness was capable of using magic that energized her mind and body, ensuring that she didn't feel the slightest bit exhausted even if she stayed awake for an entire day. According to Heris, all schools taught simple magic like this. Hence, whether it was in the human realm or demon realm, everyone who had graduated through official channels would know such magic. This energizing magic was also one of the most commonly used magic among the working class.

The mana required to use this magic wasn't a problem for Heris, either. Although Grant had indeed drained her dry of mana before, she easily remedied this problem by pulling out a few crystal bottles containing liquified mana and chugging them down like a sports drink.

"Maybe I should start learning about magic as well?" Alice asked while she ate some snacks unique to the demon realm in the back seat. "Currently, when I'm not using under…when I'm not using the Demon King's Power, my body contains hardly any mana. I also don't know how to use standard magic. I can't possibly attack with everything I've got whenever I meet an enemy in the future, right?"

"A person at your age should indeed be attending school, Alice."

Normally, talking while driving was dangerous since the driver could get distracted and cause a car accident. However, they were currently driving on a relatively remote road, and they rarely came across another car, so the chances of a car accident happening were very small.

Moreover, because of her magic, Heris was currently brimming with energy. She wouldn't slip up even if she multitasked in her current state. Hence, she dared to talk to Alice while driving.

"When you lifted the radioactive crystal in Demon King Castle, I could sense the powerful magical aura your body radiated. If you can properly release that mana, I believe casting taboos by yourself shouldn't be a problem. Though, I guess that's to be expected of the Demon King's Power."

Casting taboos by myself, is it…

Alice remembered that she had received a bonus of 1000 points in her Mana stat when she picked up the radioactive crystal. If what Heris said was true, then 1000 points of Mana was already enough to let someone cast a taboo all by themselves. Meanwhile, when she was wielding panties in her right hand, Grant had judged her to have the strength of a Demon King or Hero at their peak. In other words, having 5000 points of Mana allowed one to cast taboos like child's play.

Of course, it was also necessary to take into account a person's mana recovery speed. If Heroes and Demon Kings were indeed capable of casting taboos as if they were breathing, then their mana recovery speed should be at a frightening level. It might not even be an exaggeration to call them infinite mana generators.

If it is possible to resolve the conflict between the human and demon realms, then it wouldn't be bad to have future Heroes and Demon Kings serve as a power plant. Alice had already started constructing a beautiful future in her mind. That way, this world's civilization would gain an evolutionary leap once every few hundred years.

"What are you thinking about, Alice?" Heris asked after seeing Alice becoming unresponsive for some time. Then, after seeing Alice snapping out of her daze, Heris continued, "What do you think about going to school? If you go to school, you can also avoid others finding out that you are the Demon King. I've heard many things about past Demon Kings from my father that aren't available on the internet, but I don't think I've heard about any Demon King attending school before."

That's only because your world's cultural development hasn't developed sufficiently yet. In my world, let alone going to school, Demon Kings are even working at McDonald's, Alice thought to herself while rolling her eyes.

The technology of this world might be advanced, but its cultural development was still behind that of Earth's. Moreover, due to the constant conflict between the human and demon realms, neither the human kingdoms nor the demon kingdoms pushed for cultural development. Instead, everyone focused on preparing for potential conflicts.

But going to school, is it…

Alice found Heris's suggestion to be interesting. She had already decided to learn magic. Meanwhile, the fastest way to do so would naturally be to experience this otherworld's standard education. This world's human and demon civilizations had already been developing for over ten thousand years, so they must've come up with an adequate education program already. Rather than fumbling in the dark by herself, it would be more efficient if she attended school.

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However, which school to attend was something she needed to properly consider. After all, she was both the Demon King and the Hero. She also didn't have a doppelganger ability. Hence, she needed to prioritize one side.

Ugh, let's think about it after meeting with Heris's father.

Alice stopped thinking and held up her phone. Then, she connected to the human realm's LINK and established a new account. The validation of her Demon King account on the demon realm's LINKS would have to wait until she met Heris's father. In the meantime, Alice decided to send the demon realm's information back to the human realm.

Um… Should I name the account Demon King BOT? Alice wondered. However, she quickly dismissed her idea. After all, her Demon King account on LINKS hadn't even been created yet, so the demon realm's internet shouldn't have any information on the Demon King. An awkward situation would ensue if her Demon King BOT account posted factual information ahead of the actual Demon King's account.

I'll set up an independent media account instead. Like the Twilight Daily Rosa is working for, I can also set up an independent media company specializing in distributing first-hand information about the Demon King, Alice thought. Afterward, she typed out the words "Demon King Daily" on the account creation interface. However, she didn't confirm the name right away. She realized that she wouldn't be publishing information on the Demon King every day, so such a name wasn't appropriate.

So, Alice quickly changed her account's name to "Demon King Times." However, after giving the matter some more thought, she felt that using the words "Demon King" in the name wouldn't be too appropriate. The name "Demon King Times" also sounded a little tacky.

Although the name accurately got the point across, there wasn't a need to be so straightforward. Just like Twilight Daily, the name of a media company didn't necessarily have to be consistent with the content it published.

While Alice was racking her brain for a better name, she suddenly sensed something moving around her waist. Looking down, she realized that the Milu Rabbit that had its ears tied to her waist had woken up. However, as they were in Heris's car, Alice naturally couldn't allow the Milu Rabbit to ram itself against something and knock itself unconscious. If the Milu Rabbit did that, Heris's car would probably break.

Quickly, Alice retrieved a biscuit-like snack unique to the demon realm and stuffed it into the Milu Rabbit's mouth. Then, she watched as the Milu Rabbit began chewing on the biscuit.

The only times the Milu Rabbit would remain conscious for more than a few minutes was when it was eating. Apart from its mealtime that totalled around one hour, it would remain unconscious for the remaining 23 hours of the day.

After the Milu Rabbit finished eating the snack, it began looking for something to knock itself unconscious. Before it could do so, though, Alice grabbed a black crystal shard out of her pocket and slammed her fist into the Milu Rabbit's head.

Then, the Milu Rabbit skillfully lost consciousness.

...Let's name the account Milu Times.

After glancing at the unconscious Milu Rabbit, Alice returned her gaze to her phone and confirmed the name she would be using for her independent media account.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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