Chapter 40 - Old Marketing Account
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["Something like this actually happened in the deserted Demon King Castle!" by netizen: My Mother Is Shocked]

"...What is this?"

In the heart of the royal palace located in Teli City, the Fear Kingdom's prosperous capital, Davis, one of the king's advisers, let out a puzzled voice as he looked at the article's title displayed on the tablet in his hand.

Although such a title was a rare sight, looking at the written words, Davis felt that the article shouldn't contain any noteworthy news. The article's author probably only made such an eye-catching title to earn the clicks of bored people.

Under normal circumstances, Davis wouldn't have bothered reading such an article. However, the tablet he currently held was something Flaman Agaras, the current Fear Kingdom's king and the Heavenly King of Fire, had passed to him. Hence, even if Davis felt that the article wasn't anything noteworthy, he still had to ask why Flaman wanted to show him such a thing.

"Just read it."

However, the tall and bearded Flaman did not provide any explanations in response to his favorite adviser. Instead, he had Davis read the article displayed on the tablet.

Although Davis felt a little frustrated by this situation, he had no choice but to read the article he had deemed a waste of time. He couldn't help it since he was only Flaman's adviser. Although Flaman treated him well, if he angered the Heavenly King of Fire, even a minor punishment in the king's eyes would put Davis through hell.

After all, the reason why Davis was willing to support Flaman was that he lacked combat power. Moreover, as he had fully devoted himself to being an aide, his combat power was far below the average of demons of his age. The corporal punishment Flaman doled out might not be much to the average demon, but such punishment would probably put Davis at the brink of death.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

Thus, Davis began earnestly reading the article. The start of the article was just like he expected—filled with useless words meant to attract attention. It was a summary of what was now common knowledge about Demon King Castle. However, the quality of the writing was surprisingly good. The author had introduced Demon King Castle's history in a unique and intriguing manner, so Davis didn't grow bored even though he already knew about the content.

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