Chapter 41 - Diviner: ???
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Flaman didn't continue his conversation with his daughter for very long, the entire call lasting only two or three minutes. Heris mainly talked about her present situation and told Flaman that she should arrive home around morning the next day. After saying so, she hung up the call and left Flaman and Davis blankly looking at each other.

When Davis remembered the goal of Heris's outing just now, he had mostly realized the crux of the problem already. Hence, although he wore a serious expression, he wasn't too surprised by the information Heris conveyed.

Flaman's reaction, though, was much more exaggerated. After placing his phone on the table, he fell into a daze for quite some time before coming back to his senses.

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"Did Heris just say that she's bringing the new Demon King back to meet us?"

"...If our ears didn't go bad at the same time, that is indeed the case." Davis naturally placed more considerations on the matter than Flaman. After all, it was his job as Flaman's adviser. "Going by her words, the new Demon King is still a cute child that has yet to grow up. And although the new Demon King has yet to gain full control over the Demon King's Power, she can still exhibit the power of a fully matured Demon King under certain conditions."

"A Demon King that has yet to mature, huh? That's new. I don't think any of the past Demon Kings have appeared as a child, right?" Flaman massaged his eyebrows. Although he was one of the strongest demons in the demon realm, he lacked foresight when it came to dealing with matters outside of fighting. However, as lacking as his brain was, even he could foresee what would happen should details regarding the new Demon King spread. "An underaged Demon King… I can already imagine how the demon realm would react once this news gets out."

Davis could naturally figure out what would happen as well. According to historical records, almost all Demon Kings would only reveal themselves after they had reached maturity and come to lead the demon realm. Yet, even then, there were still many demons who rebelled against these Demon Kings simply because they didn't wish to have a human lead them.

Out of the many rebellions recorded in history, the most severe one involved three out of the Four Heavenly Kings banded together and rebelled. Though, the only reason the rebellion had reached such an unprecedented level was because the Demon King at the time had only focused on enjoying luxuries in the demon realm instead of carrying out his responsibility. Under normal circumstances, the Four Heavenly Kings wouldn't recklessly rebel against the Demon King. After all, the stronger a person was, the better they understood how frightening the Demon King was.

The demons who typically discussed rebelling against the Demon King were mostly lower-class demons, and these demons were nothing but frogs under a well when it came to knowledge about the Demon King. Such demons were of no threat at all. Let alone the Demon King, even the Four Heavenly Kings could take care of these troublemakers without much effort.

"However, this is a good opportunity." After pondering for a moment, Davis said, "Young Miss Heris loves cute things. Since she is calling the new Demon King 'cute,' it shows that the young miss is quite fond of the new Demon King. Meanwhile, seeing as the new Demon King is willing to follow Heris back, the two of them might have already formed a good relationship. We can capitalize on this relationship."

"Indeed. Forming a good relationship with the Demon King is of utmost importance. That is an existence capable of launching taboos as if they were drinking water, after all," Flaman said, laughing.

To demons, relying on the strong was something normal for them. Although the Four Heavenly Kings might have their pride, their pride would only act up when the other party acted like a prick. If this new Demon King wasn't a violent or lazy bastard, then the Four Heavenly Kings would be more than willing to protect her and let her lead the demon race into invading the human realm.

However, after laughing for a moment, Flaman fell silent again, seemingly pondering something. Then, he looked at Davis and asked, "Say, Davis, do you think Heris and that new Demon King can become...mates?"

"Mates?!" Flaman's words frightened Davis. Then, scratching his head, Davis said, "But according to the young miss, the new Demon King should be female, right?"

"Who says females can't become mates with other females?! Those are human values you are talking about! What does that have to do with demons?!" Flaman said with a displeased expression. Then, as if someone had opened the floodgates, he began ranting, "The human realm's culture has been influencing the demon race too much recently. The youngsters these days are reading so many hero novels that they're close to defecting to the humans already! Although there is worth in referencing human values, taking them for granted is unacceptable! At this rate, can demons even be considered demons anymore?!"

"Y-You're right…"

Davis wiped the sweat from his forehead. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about the phenomenon that Flaman mentioned. Recently, someone had indeed been introducing a large number of cultural works such as novels, movies, and comics from the human realm to the demon realm. This situation had seemingly opened up a new world for the demon race.

However, this situation couldn't be helped. As a race that worshipped strength over all else, the demon race's development in technology and culture was inferior to that of the human race. Thus, to avoid falling behind, the demons have copied many of the humans' technology and cultural works.

Currently, the many hero novels circulating in the demon realm worried many demons belonging to the older generation. They feared that when war with the human realm began, the younger demons brainwashed by human culture might not join the battlefield.

"Cultural invasion, huh. However, with the demon realm's nature that prioritized strength, even if we wish to correct this problem, it wouldn't be an easy task to accomplish," Davis muttered. He could see the situation for what it was. He knew that this was a way the humans used to spread their soft power. Greedy smugglers might be part of the reason why all those hero novels could reach the demon realm, but a larger part of the reason was because the human rulers were glad to see it happening.

Although Davis hoped that demons could develop their own unique culture and spread it to the human realm, the demon realm's problematic environment prevented that from happening. Because of the environment, inhabitants of the demon realm were either focused on improving their strength or learning knowledge regarding management to attach themselves to strong individuals. Even if some demons had the potential to become great authors and artists, these individuals would typically die before they could accomplish anything.

"That is why we do not need to adhere to these human values at all. The demons who do so are an embarrassment to the demon race," Flaman said, snorting. "So, do you think it's possible between Heris and the new Demon King?"

"We haven't even met the new Demon King yet, so how would I know?" Davis said, unsure of whether to laugh or cry. "We can only decide on this matter after we meet the Demon King. Before that, I feel that there is a need to take control of another fellow."

"Another fellow… Ah, I get it. You're talking about that diviner, right?" Flaman didn't get what Davis was trying to say initially. However, after seeing the gaze Davis sent him, he quickly realized who Davis was talking about. "Indeed. Since he can foretell the new Demon King's birth, it shows that he might be the real deal… Who is that diviner, by the way?"

"It's one of the second prince's, His Highness Tver's butlers. Although he calls himself a diviner, he mainly manages His Highness's daily affairs, and divination is only a daily homework he does for his female colleagues," Davis knew that his muscle-brain king wouldn't remember such details, so he gave a summary regarding the diviner's situation. Then, when he saw the skeptical look Flaman gave him, Davis added, "Divination has become quite the popular activity among the demon realm's female circle recently. It seems they rely on it to decide their daily activities… I have always found it to be mere superstition, but this time…

"I used to think that divination was an unreliable superstition as well." Flaman nodded in agreement. Then, his expression became serious as he said, "Go; call that diviner here and entertain him well. I want to have a good chat with him before Heris returns with the new Demon King.

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Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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