Chapter 29 - Teleportation Phenomenon Unique to Murder Mysteries
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 29 - Teleportation Phenomenon Unique to Murder Mysteries

The appearance of Demon King Castle was very much in line with Alice's imagination.

The castle walls blacked by the Demon King's Power were tall and majestic, giving the castle the appearance of a fortress. The irradiated mana leaking from the castle dyed the surrounding area into a darkish brown, and not a single blade of grass could be seen in the affected area. Simply put, the castle gave off the feeling of "Do Not Approach."

"Demon King Castle is just ahead. How about it? Do you still want to go there?"

Typically, the drivers hailed using the ride-sharing application would leave once they dropped off their clients at the destination. This was especially true when the destination in question was a dangerous place like Demon King Castle. However, Heris remained in place as she watched Alice standing at the edge of the radiation zone. Then, revealing a playful smile, Heris said, "It still isn't too late to turn back now. I can send you back for free so long as you let me hug you once."

They had set off on their journey to Demon King Castle in the early morning, and it was evening now. Meanwhile, Heris had not rested her mouth even for a moment throughout this entire journey. Moreover, most of the things that came out of her mouth were words of harassment. Hence, Alice had already become accustomed to the demoness's harassment, and she could ignore light harassment such as the teasing words Heris just said.

After ignoring Heris, Alice took out the magic stones the demoness gave her. These magic stones were colored translucent cubes. Each of these cubes had engravings on two sides, with one side showing a QR code and the other side listing product information such as the date of manufacture and the expiration date...

The method of use was simple. So long as one crushed the magic stones, the mana contained within them would automatically create a protective film that covered the user and protected the user from radiation. Of course, the film's defensive properties were limited, protecting the user from radiation only to a certain extent.

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