Chapter 28 - I’ll Turn Even God Into Garbage
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 28 - I’ll Turn Even God Into Garbage

Alice didn't have to wait for long before a small car drove up to her along the road. Initially, Alice thought that whoever had taken up her order to journey to Demon King Castle would be a ruthless character. However, when she saw the approaching car's appearance, she couldn't help but revise her thoughts.

The approaching car had a girlish appearance, and its shape resembled a Beetle from Earth. The car was painted light-blue in color, and it even had animal stickers covering it. If it wasn't for the order confirmation displayed on her phone, Alice would've thought that this car and its owner might be visiting the forest for an outing.

While Alice was in a daze, the blue Beetle smoothly stopped in front of her. The smuggling team had specifically chosen this forest as their drop-off point because of its relatively remote location. Hence, Alice was the only person standing by the road, and the car's driver quickly determined her to be the client. Then, after the car came to a full stop, the driver's door opened, and a young woman stepped out of the car and greeted Alice, "Hello~ Are you the customer who's going to Demon King Castle?"

Alice took a look at the courageous warrior who dared to take on the challenge of visiting the dangerous Demon King Castle. It went without saying that the driver was a demon. However, unlike Bifrons, this demoness demon didn't have anything. Instead, she had a sleek, black tail that ended in a heart-shaped tip. Fortunately for Alice, the fake demon horns she wore had seemingly fooled the demoness, the other party not suspecting her to be a human at all.

Strictly speaking, apart from the strange organs they've grown to cope with the polluted environment, demons didn't look all that different from humans. Based on this point, it might not be far-fetched to say that the humans and demons of this world had evolved from the same species during prehistoric times.

"Yes, that's me," Alice answered.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Alice carried a backpack with her, so she looked very much like a traveler. Although her age was on the younger side, it shouldn't be a problem. The sympathy demons held for the weak was entirely dependent on their mood. If they were in a good mood, they might not mind helping a weakling. If they were in a bad mood, though, they would utterly ignore weaklings.

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