Chapter 27 - Demon King Castle's Past and Present
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 27 - Demon King Castle's Past and Present

Demon King Castle was a landmark in the demon realm. It was once home to two generations of Demon Kings, and the castle was incredibly sturdy due to being reinforced by mana unique to Demon Kings. Even after being abandoned for over three hundred years, apart from some dust, the castle remained largely the same as it was three centuries ago.

The demon realm was constantly developing along with time. No matter how battle-hungry the demons were, they still needed a spiritual outlet. Hence, what the human realm had, the demon realm mostly had as well. Although Demon King Castle had been abandoned for the past three centuries, it wasn't as if nobody had ever tried developing it.

As the most well-known profession in the demon realm, the position of Demon King had a strong appeal in the demon realm. After the Demon Kings of previous generations grew their strength, they became existences akin to walking natural disasters. They couldn't be killed even with taboo bombs. Although there were instances where the Four Heavenly Kings refused to obey the Demon King, it was also a fact that these disobedient Heavenly Kings had suffered tragic fates. Hence, the admiration the demons had for the Demon King was no less than the humans' admiration for the Hero.

Therefore, Demon King Castle, which was once home to two Demon Kings, would naturally enter the eyes of the demon realm's businessmen. Many businessmen had tried to turn the castle into a tourist spot. And while there was a possibility that the next Demon King to appear would lay claim over the castle, by the time the new Demon King appeared, they would've made more than enough money. They could even turn the castle over to the new Demon King to earn the Demon King's favor. No matter how one looked at it, turning the castle into a tourist spot was a sure profit business.

However, when a group of businessmen finally managed to buy the land Demon King Castle sat on from the Windy Kingdom's king, they discovered that they had been scammed.

A huge black crystal sat in the middle of Demon King Castle's castle. Meanwhile, this crystal continuously exuded aggressive mana that enveloped the castle and a large part of the castle's surroundings, and the mana destroyed all life within the polluted region. Not even a blade of grass could survive within this polluted region.

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