Chapter 230 - No Need to Mind Me
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The Demon King's Power was honestly quite a pitiful existence. Not only was God targetting it, but even the Demon Kings that it was using as tools were trying to get a slice of its meat for their own purposes.

However, considering that the Demon King's Power was inherently an evildoer, it was only natural for it to receive such treatment. Not to mention, Demon Kings were individuals seeking to take revenge on humans, and their hatred for humans originated from the bottom of their hearts. They weren't randomly targeting humans for no reason or some childish reason.

Simply put, all Demon Kings had matured mentalities, and it was only normal for them to be wary and take advantage of the Demon King's Power, something that was of unknown origins.

"Actually, almost all Demon Kings in the past have taken action against the Demon King's Power's essence. I am only one of many," Andusia explained while guiding Alice toward the weapon she left with her friend's descendants. "Didn't you ask me whether the Demon King's Power possesses a consciousness previously? After I discovered this point, I started scraping off some of the Demon King's Power's essence to prepare for a rainy day."

"So, you actually hid some information from me before, didn't you?" Alice asked as she turned to look at Andusia with a threatening gaze. Just like she expected, Andusia hadn't been entirely truthful with her previously. She had previously felt that the information she obtained from Andusia after torturing the other party with Magical Girl Hikari was incomplete. It turned out that she was right since Andusia had never mentioned that she had laid her hands on the Demon King's Power.

"You never asked if I had laid my hands on the Demon King's Power. You only asked if I noticed whether it was self-conscious. I answered truthfully, didn't I?" Andusia replied with a dry laugh. Although Alice was no longer isolating her mana core with the Forest Crystal, Alice's mana remained in her body. If Alice wanted to, she could reconstruct the Forest Crystal with just a thought.

Hence, when facing Alice, Andusia still dared not behave too arrogantly. However, it was also a fact that Alice had failed to ask whether she had taken action against the Demon King's Power previously.

"Also, aren't I telling you about it now? This makes up for it, right?"

"Hmph—" Alice snorted.

Although Alice didn't know why Andusia would suddenly share this information with her, she could sense that Andusia had become much more honest than before. As evidence, Andusia was now taking the initiative to share a bunch of information unconditionally. It was as if something had made Andusia relax her guard around her.

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Although Alice didn't know why Andusia had become so obedient all of a sudden, she decided not to look further into this matter. After all, this wasn't a bad situation.

"The first Demon King to target the Demon King's Power also happens to be the First Demon King Varak. He should also be the strongest out of all Demon Kings in history. I don't know why he's so powerful, but in short, he is a little stronger than the other Demon Kings," Andusia said. "After sealing a portion of the Demon King's Power's essence, Varak turned it into a gem. Nobody knows where the gem is at right, but many demons are trying to find it and obtain a portion of Varak's strength... Turn right at the intersection ahead."

"The First Demon King, huh?"

Alice nodded. Andusia might not know why the First Demon King was a little stronger than Demon Kings of subsequent generations, but Alice could more or less guess the reason. It was most likely because the world's order was at its most chaotic state during the First Demon King's era.

The Demon King's Power sourced its strength from people's desire to destroy the world's laws. Meanwhile, the lack of order ten thousand years ago created the most conducive environment for the birth of people who held natural laws in contempt and yearned for destruction. This situation allowed the Demon King's Power's strength to reach its peak.

However, as civilization progressed, the various creatures living on this world began establishing their own laws and order. As a result, the Demon King's Power could no longer accumulate as much strength as it did when it created the First Demon King.

"If I remember correctly, the First Demon King should be sealed inside the Lajal Mountain Range, right?"

The Lajal Mountain Range was located outside the Gryffin Forest, which also served as a part of the Gryffin Kingdom's border. Meanwhile, the Ymir Kingdom sat on the other side of the mountain range. According to historical records, the Lajal Mountain Range was a product of a taboo used by the First Hero, and the mountain range was used to suppress the First Demon King's physical body and soul until death claimed him.

Of course, "until death claimed him" was merely an expression written in history books. Considering how tenacious the souls of Demon Kings were, Alice had a good reason to believe that the First Demon King wasn't thoroughly dead. Perhaps his soul might be alive inside a medium even now.

"Yes, all history books say that, so it should be true," Andusia said, nodding. She had similarly read about the First Hero imprisoning the First Demon King under the Lajal Mountain Range when she was still human. "Unfortunately, civilization ten thousand years ago was still in a relatively primitive state, and the technology to preserve information was poor. So, most of the taboos developed during the First Demon King and First Hero's era have already been lost to time."

Speaking of the Lajal Mountain Range, Alice suddenly remembered the taboo "Gaia's Power" she had previously cast using Zauna's bear panties. The taboo had allowed her to spontaneously create a giant mountain and crush the Boria Wolf King under it. Thinking about it now, Gaia's Power's effect was similar to the taboo the First Hero had used. Maybe the First Hero had also used Gaia's Power to suppress the First Demon King?

"We're here."

Most catkins were currently resting at home since it was lunchtime, so hardly any people were out walking on the streets. Because of this, Alice and Andusia arrived at their destination without anybody noticing their conversation.

However, Alice couldn't help but grab Andusia off of her shoulder upon arriving at their destination. Then, while looking at the place in front of her, Alice's mouth twitched as she asked, "Are you sure this is the place?"

"That's right. I'm sure it's here. I created the weapon, so I can accurately sense where it is," Andusia said, nodding. Then, as if she did not notice the tangled look on Alice's face, she pointed at the gravestone ahead and further specified, "It's inside there."

Indeed. The place Andusia had led Alice to was none other than a grave. Moreover, by the looks of it, the weapon she made for her friend's descendants had been buried with her friend.

"This weapon has already touched upon the world's laws. Once it recognizes a family, it will protect the family. So, even if this weapon is buried here, it can ensure that the family I appointed will not suffer any major tragedies," Andusia explained. "No need to mind me. Dig away."

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Changing "mind magic" and all relevant terms to "spirit magic."


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