Chapter 229 - Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 229 - Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?

Alice sat in the corner of the living room as she watched Ciel kneeling on the floor while facing her mother's angry gaze.

Ciel's mother did not direct her anger toward Alice. After all, she had noticed that Alice hadn't done anything out of the ordinary in the backyard just now. Instead, the person she was angry at was her precious daughter. When she saw Ciel rubbing her face against Alice's feet while looking like she was in euphoria, she very nearly had a heart attack.

However, although Ciel's mother didn't put any blame on Alice, Alice still felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles as she sat in the living room. After all, Alice had very nearly stepped on Ciel when Ciel's mother came into the backyard. Had Ciel's mother appeared even a little later, the woman would have been exposed to the sight of Alice stepping on Ciel.

"What's the matter with you, Ciel?" Ciel's mother asked in a dark voice, the amiable tone she previously used with Alice nowhere to be seen. Then, while glaring at her trembling daughter, Ciel's mother demanded, "Explain to me why you did such a shameless thing."

Judging by Ciel's polished movements just now, it was obvious that this wasn't the first time she had done such a thing to Alice's feet. Meanwhile, this realization sent chills down Ciel's mother's spine. It was fortunate that her daughter had been doing such a shameless act in the backyard and was discovered by her in time. If Ciel were to do such a thing outside and got caught by others, her life would be thoroughly ruined.

"That... It's because..." Ciel was sweating profusely. She never thought her mother would catch her in the act. After struggling mentally for a moment, she weakly answered, "It's because I'm in heat..."

Beastkins would also go into heat at certain intervals of the year, but it wasn't as bad as wild beasts. At most, beastkins would be more interested in carrying out explicit activities during this period. However, beastkin parents would typically teach their children how to cope with their heat cycles.

Ciel's mother naturally knew about heat cycles, so when she heard Ciel's excuse, she only hesitated for a moment before deciding to trust her daughter. It was true that if a beastkin failed to handle their heat cycle properly, the consequences would be extremely bad. Meanwhile, hearing that Ciel was handling her heat period in such a manner, Ciel's mother couldn't help but wonder where she had failed in Ciel's education to let her daughter pick up such a strange fetish.

"Your heat cycle, is it… That makes sense. You are at the age where you should start experiencing heat cycles," Ciel's mother said as she stared into her daughter's eyes. Then, after maintaining her stare until Ciel started growing unnerved, Ciel's mother sighed and said helplessly, "But you should know how to differentiate between right and wrong even if you are in heat. I'm not saying that you can't like feet, but you should only carry out those acts with your partner. Being in heat doesn't give you the excuse to do those things to your friends."

It looks like beastkins are quite open in this regard… Alice thought when she heard Ciel's mother's words. Unless there was something different with this world's human culture, she doubted that a normal human parent would discuss their daughter's fetishes in front of an outsider.

Alice also noticed that Ciel's mother had seemingly misunderstood Ciel's actions for her daughter having only a foot fetish. It didn't seem like the woman had noticed that her daughter was only fascinated with Alice's feet because she was hoping for Alice to step on her and physically abuse her. Of course, Alice didn't plan on clearing up this misunderstanding.

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"I'm sorry, Your Highness. I'm afraid I can't let Ciel accompany you this afternoon," Ciel's mother said as she sent Alice an apologetic gaze. Then, she grabbed her dazed daughter by the collar and dragged the girl toward the second floor, leaving Alice with the following: "I have to thoroughly correct Ciel's thinking this afternoon, so please take this time to stroll around Elkite."

After watching Ciel's mother drag Ciel up to the second floor, Alice looked toward Andusia, who sat on the coffee table in front of her. Then, the two of them exchanged a bitter laugh.

Although Alice pitied Ciel a little, she didn't plan to stick up for Ciel. Things would be much worse if she clarified the situation with Ciel's mother. It'd be terrible if news got out that the Gryffin Kingdom's princess turned out to be a sadist. Alice could easily imagine some of the desperate nobles in the March Academy asking her to whip them or something of the sort just to get her attention. Just thinking about such a scenario gave her the shivers.

After muttering a silent prayer for Ciel's wellbeing, Alice grabbed Andusia from the table and placed the other party on her shoulder. Although having Andusia on her shoulder would cause her to attract a lot more attention out on the streets, there was nothing Alice could do about it. If she placed Andusia in her bag, Andusia would definitely complain and protest against it.

However, Alice also couldn't help but feel as if she was a human shelf. First, there was the unconscious Milu Rabbit tied to the left side of her waist. Then, there was the sack of panties tied to the right side of her waist. Now, she had to keep a figurine sitting on her left shoulder.

"Since Ciel is getting educated by her mother, I guess I'll go back to reading in the archive."

Alice had originally planned to spend the afternoon with Ciel. However, since Ciel's mother had spoiled their fun, the only thing Alice had left to do was to resume her taboo studies.

"If you don't want to study, perhaps you can do something else," Andusia suddenly said when Alice was about to head for the door. "Are you interested in a treasure hunt?"

"A treasure hunt?" Alice turned to Andusia in confusion. Curiously, she asked, "What treasure are we talking about?"

"After becoming a full-fledged Demon King, I made a weapon for my friend's descendants to protect them. It should still be in this town," Andusia said after pondering in silence for a moment. "Since beastkins and humans have already made peace with each other, that weapon has finished serving its purpose. Rather than let it rot, we might as well take it back. Who knows? Maybe it can be of help to you?"

"That weapon you speak of, is it powerful?"

Alice was a little curious. There'd be no reason for Andusia to mention it if it was only a normal weapon. After all, a Demon King's weapon was different from the Hero's Sword. It wasn't created by God, but by the Demon King who owned it instead.

While a Demon King's weapon might be significantly stronger than most weapons in this world, it was unlikely to be useful for Alice since she had the Hero's Sword. Andusia most likely knew about this as well, so the fact that she still chose to bring up this weapon meant that there should be something special about it.

"I know what you're thinking. You must think that my weapon is useless compared to the Hero's Sword, right?" Andusia sneered as she looked at Alice. "In that case, I'll have you know that I created that weapon using a portion of the Demon King's Power's essence I stole."

Novel Notes

Changing "mind magic" and all relevant terms to "spirit magic."


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