Chapter 23 - You Don’t Categorize Magicians by Rank?
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 23 - You Don’t Categorize Magicians by Rank?

After chasing away the reporters pestering Father Kasandora, Alice returned to her room on the second floor. As soon as she entered the room, she found Zauna sitting in front of the computer. Then, when Zauna noticed Alice's return, she greeted Alice, saying, "Welcome back. How was it? Did you find that thief? Did you get any useful information from her?"

"A little bit." Alice nodded. Then, when she walked over to Zauna and saw that the other party seemed to be selecting school courses, she asked, "This is...a course selection interface? Are you starting school soon?"

"That's right. The new term starts in five days. There are limited spaces for each course, and I major in water magic and minor in wind magic, so I need to secure myself a seat as soon as possible," Zauna said, nodding. Then, she sighed and explained, "The wind department's teacher is a good person. He doesn't take attendance for his classes, so many people take the wind course even though they aren't even wind magicians. It's a real headache."

It seemed that no matter the world, so long as schools existed, truants would exist as well. However, after giving the matter some thought, Alice found this situation to be reasonable. After all, the last Demon King had died over 300 years ago. In other words, the humans of this world had enjoyed over 300 years of peace. Even though the conflict between the human and demon realms still existed, no wars had erupted during this period. Hence, students of the new generation wouldn't have the sense of urgency their predecessors had.

For students of the current generation, studying at the Magic Academy was probably only a means to help them secure a job more easily. Most of them probably didn't even care about improving their proficiency in magic. In comparison, Zauna could be considered a more self-disciplined student. She wasn't simply seeking to graduate from the academy. Instead, she was working hard to improve her magic standard.

Then, when Alice recalled the content of the web novels she had read in the past and the ranking system the Mercenary Union utilized, she couldn't help but ask, "By the way, do you guys have a rating system for magicians?"

"A rating system? There is one, but I think it might be different from the one you're referring to," Zauna said, nodding. "If you want to categorize magicians by rank, then they'll probably be separated into University Students, Masters, and Doctors.

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