Chapter 22 - How Can It Be Considered Stealing When It Is Related to the Hero?
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 22 - How Can It Be Considered Stealing When It Is Related to the Hero?

[Weapon: Soft Black Lace Underwear]

[Quality: Artifact]

[Effect: Strength +3000, Constitution +3000, Speed +3000, Spirit +7000, Control +7000, Mana +7000]

[Additional Effect:

Mana Cancellation (Passive Skill. You will not be affected by offensive magic);

Absolute Defense (Passive Skill. You will not be hurt by physical attacks);

Destruction Grip (Active Skill. Upon use, releases a hand of darkness that can crumble the target's soul.)]

As I thought, even though the system recognizes all panties as Artifacts, the panties' effects and additional effects are dependent on their styles, Alice thought to herself as she looked at the bundle of swaying mist wrapped around her right hand. Then, when she loosened her right hand and let the black lace panties she held fall to the ground, the black mist wrapped around her hand also gradually vanished.

In terms of special effects, the black mist was similar to the holy light generated when Alice held white panties in her right hand. Both had an excellent bluffing effect. At the very least, when Alice saw the black mist spreading out from her right hand, she felt that it should be something a Demon King would emit. Moreover, if she hadn't released the lace panties, the black mist would've continued spreading until it reached the street outside.

Of course, it went without saying that Alice did not conduct her experiment with the black panties inside Rosa's house. Instead, Alice had Rosa take out all of her black panties from the closet and bag them.

Fortunately, when Alice grabbed the pouch holding three pairs of black underwear, her right hand didn't recognize the bundle as an Artifact. Instead, the system had evaluated it as a Garbage-quality weapon. To be precise, the system only recognized the pouch as a weapon; it did not recognize the panties stored inside the pouch. This outcome also proved that she could not stack the quality and level of weapons. And even if she directly held several pairs of panties in her right hand, the most likely outcome would be that the system only treated one of them as a weapon.

Initially, Alice had thought to sequestrate Rosa's other colored panties apart from the white ones. She wanted to test out the effects of different colored panties, such as blue, red, green, etc. Unfortunately, despite being a thief, Rosa owned mostly white panties. Even the black panties she owned numbered only three, of which Alice had looted all three of them.

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