Chapter 21 - If There Is No Demon King, I Will Create One for You
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 21 - If There Is No Demon King, I Will Create One for You

"This is my home."

The Gryffin Church still served as Alice's residence in Mana City for the time being. Meanwhile, many people still had their attention on the church. So, to avoid bringing unnecessary suspicion onto herself, Alice asked to hold their conversation in the thief girl's house instead. The thief girl naturally dared not refuse Alice's request since she knew that Alice was the Hero and that nothing good would come out of opposing the Hero.

Although Alice didn't look or feel like the Hero, the thief girl had witnessed Alice sending a Milu Rabbit smashing through a wall. Such a feat wasn't something an ordinary human could accomplish. Hence, even though the thief girl still couldn't sense any mana coming from Alice, she dared not act recklessly and obediently led Alice to her unremarkable home.

Alice didn't mind the modesty of the house at all. After all, she had originally been a commoner before transmigrating to this world. Instead, after entering the house, Alice found herself a seat and watched as the thief girl tentatively took the seat opposite her. Then, Alice began the conversation by asking, "What is your name?"

"My name is Rosa. I'm 19 years old, and I'm a thief," the thief girl named Rosa formally introduced herself, a hint of anxiety on her face. Rosa had initially thought that the Hero would spare her after she had contributed valuable information. She didn't think that the Hero would use a tailored commission to bait her into revealing herself.

Faced with such a situation, Rosa would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous. After all, the Hero was the final line of defense against the Demon King. All five human kingdoms treated the Hero as an honored guest. Should one offend the Hero, one would be offending all five human kingdoms simultaneously.

Previously, Rosa had thought that because the Hero had only appeared recently, the Hero shouldn't have much strength. So, it was unlikely that she would be discovered even if she secretly took photos of the Hero. Never did she expect her camera lens to give her presence away.

"How did you know that the Four Heavenly Kings were planning on assassinating me?"

Although Alice didn't want to admit that she was the Hero, she had to acknowledge that the Hero's identity could provide her a lot more initiative when communicating with others. Hence, Alice was no longer against the idea of communicating with others as the Hero. At the very least, Rosa was now behaving honestly in front of the "Hero."

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