Book 01 Chapter 06.10 - Whale Song
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Xing Mo noticed Aimer's pupils constricting in fear and facepalmed.

Crap! How did I forget it! I should have asked Aurora to step back!

That's not right... she should be able to conceal herself. Even with powerful spiritual vision, it shouldn't be possible to see her soul, right?

Did she perhaps deliberately let Aimer see it?

Xing Mo didn't have time to dwell on it. At this moment, Aimer had already stood up, holding a wand in her trembling hand.

She stared fixedly at Aurora, who wore a brilliant smile on her face.

"Is there something wrong, Ms. Aimer?"

"Are you..." Aimer trembled, "God...?"

It sounded like a question, yet seemed more like confirmation.

The next moment, the structure of the entire library suddenly began to rotate, and the spiral-shaped bookshelves began to churn, with books jumping about like fish in the sea.

Xing Mo felt the air suddenly become sluggish, and the next moment, she understood why—

—Aimer had separated the two people from the real plane, placing them in a subspace.

At this moment, pale blue light raised Aimer into the air. Despite her petite frame, barely exceeding 1.5 meters, her ice-blue eyes exuded undeniable authority: "Are you an Outer God? To reveal yourself to me, what are you after?"

Aurora smiled at the figure floating before her: "Knowledge."

In the next moment, green shades surged upwards, materializing into twisted vines that lashed toward Aimer.

Aimer waved her wand, and books flew out from the spiral shelves above, swooping down like birds of prey.

When the two forces clashed, fragments of paper scattered in an instant.

The twisting vines, sharp as razors, tore through the books, whipping up a fierce wind that sent shredded pieces of paper swirling like confetti.

Xing Mo cried out in alarm in her mind. Though she couldn't fathom Aurora's intentions, she knew this battle would hardly end well.

As the vines tore through the sea of books, Aimer's expression grew grimmer.

Gritting her teeth, she swung her wand vigorously, causing the pale blue light to ex

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