Book 01 Chapter 06.02 - Whale Song
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Lucius glanced at Xing Mo, a gratified smile appeared on his lips: "You, like Miriam, are good kind. But despite how young you are, you have such a heavy burden placed on your shoulders."

Her body was somewhat stooped, no longer as robust as before.

"Instructor, how is your injury?" Xing Mo scrutinized the instructor's face.

"I'm fine. It's just a minor wound, nothing of important." Lucius shook his head, "The important thing is... our troubles have increased..."

"It's Steam Man, right?" Xing Mo's eyes dimmed a little.

"Correct. The day he attacked me, I saw him break free from the binds of the academy's string formation." Lucius recalled, "He's at least six string rank, possibly even approaching Demigod rank..."

Approaching Demigod rank...? No wonder he was able to run away after being hit by Aurora's spear...

"We still don't know if he is inherently that strong, or if the steam armor makes him that strong." Lucius murmured, "But the important thing is... the Church still can't explain how he came to unleash successive strikes in the White Tower District and the academy. You see, on that night, the three attacks occurred within half an hour, with not a single defensive magic being triggered. He even showed up Nevirabeta's Rear Gardens..."

"Perhaps not unlike in the urban legend, he is the specter of the Steam Revolution, a ghost." Lucius smiled sarcastically.

"Don't worry, Instructor, we will catch him sooner or later." Xing Mo comforted.

A slightly cold wind blew past and raised ripples across the lawn, making it seem like the two were standing on a rippling lake.

Looking up at the gray sky, Lucius adjusted the collar of his trench coat, and his baritone voice came in fits and starts: "I... recognize the apparatus on his body."

"What?" Xing Mo turned her head abruptly.

She met the instructor's lake-blue eyes—the eyes turned a dark shade of blue, resembling swirling whirlpools in the vast sea.

"I recognize the steam alchemy machine formation on his body." Lucius's voice was hoarse, "That is the proto

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