Book 01 Chapter 06.01 - Whale Song
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"... there have been two sightings of Steam Man in the White Tower District overnight. Councillor Estain Allorn and Bishop Arcadia Sebourn were murdered. The police and the Bell Protectors are cooperating in the investigation..."

"... a storm brewing in the Middle Sea, with wind force reaching five string rank. It is speculated that a narwhal pod is migrating...",

"... Prince Austin has spoken on the Steam Man incidents, stating that he will establish a foundation to provide compensation for the victims and their families..."

"... the latest release of Nevirabeta Magic Academy: stable wind string sails..."

Aurora put down the newspaper and stretched her body.

Sunlight poured into Miriam's old apartment from the window, backlighting the picture frame containing the picture of three people smiling standing by the window. The surface of the picture seemed to be shrouded in a layer of haze.

Today was Saturday. Aurora and Xing Mo had gone to the Sunflower Hot Springs two days ago.

In the past two days, the senior figures of the Citadel tried to cover up the Steam Man incidents, yet reporters wearing Gatsby hats exposed the truth—after all, since Bishop Arcadia was attending a banquet when he was murdered, there were many witnesses.

Unsurprisingly, panic spread throughout the Citadel, and the streets became increasingly deserted at night.

"I'm going to take a nap." Aurora squinted, shading her eyes from the sun with her hand, "What about you? Young Saintess? Will you be my pillow?"

At this time, Xing Mo was standing by the coat rack, draping herself in an outdoor in a robe over her academy uniform.

"I'm going out, and may not come back until evening." Xing Mo's voice was calm, "I’ve left some money on the table. Go get yourself something to eat nearby."

"Eh... that's cold... what kind of servant would have their master take care of lunch themself..." Aurora rubbed her belly, puffing out her cheeks: "Where are you going?"

"I'm attending a funeral." Xing Mo straightened her bow tie.

"Whose funeral?" Aurora ti

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