Book 01 Chapter 01.05 - Little Evil God
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The Defeated Saintess Is On A Journey To Tame The Evil God Book 01 Chapter 01.05 - Little Evil God

But, after a full five minutes, Xing Mo still didn't hear the sound of water running coming from the bathroom.

"Do you need help?" Xing Mo shouted.

There was no response.

"Do you need help? Young Ancestor?" Xing Mo shouted again.

There was still no response.

The lass... isn't doing anything strange, is she...

After careful consideration, Xing Mo stood up and went into the bathroom.

The shower compartment was closed, and there was no sound coming from inside. Xing Mo knocked three times on the glass door: "Hello?"

There was still no response. Xing Mo opened the door and looking inside.

Aurora was standing below the shower head, looking up at it in a daze.

Upon hearing the sound of the door opening, she turned and tilted her head toward Xing Mo: "What's wrong? I'm showering."

Xing Mo was taken aback, then rubbed her eyes and confirmed that the shower head wasn't spraying out water: "How do you shower without turning on the shower?"

"I told it to turn on, but it didn't turn on." Aurora said innocently, "Is it preparing?"

Upon hearing Aurora's shocking remark, Xing Mo was momentarily dumbfounded: "Didn't you absorb the knowledge from my brain?"

"I did. For example, I know that this thing is a shower." Aurora pointed to the thing made of bronze-colored pipes.

"Then what about its usage? Is usage not considered knowledge?"

"Yeah... I didn't expect it to disobey orders... a lowly creation..."

Seeing Aurora's innocent and cute appearance, Xing Mo sighed and took two steps forward: "Look, this is the switch. This is how you regulate the water's temperature. Take two steps away and then use your hand to test the water's temperature."

Xing Mo pointed back and forth on the control panel with her hand, teaching Aurora how to test the water's temperature.

After the coaching session, Xing Mo asked Aurora: "Do you get it?"

"I don't." Aurora shook her head, "Why don't you help me?"

With that, the vines and flowers covering Aurora's body retreated, and sacred light shone, piercing the yes, making Xing Mo unable

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