Book 01 Chapter 01.04 - Little Evil God
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The Defeated Saintess Is On A Journey To Tame The Evil God Book 01 Chapter 01.04 - Little Evil God

"I'm talking about the identities we'll be using for the infiltration." Xing Mo sighed, "If anyone asks, say that you are my sister, that we came from the Republic of Fallou to study in the Citadel, do you understand?"

"Oh, okay." Aurora seemed a bit reluctant, "But I hate my sister~"

"You have a sister?" Xing Mo furrowed her eyebrows.

Aurora tilted her head and immediately changed the topic: "When you say study, you mean at Nevirabeta Magic Academy, your alma mater, right?"

"Yeah. It's nearly September, it is the enrollment season. No one will doubt us." Xing Mo nodded.

"Oh~ not bad, you're already giving me advice." Aurora patted Xing Mo on the shoulder, a look of acknowledgement on her face.

To be acknowledged by an Evil God... ugh...

On the surface, Xing Mo had a stern expression, but inside, her heart was like a basin with boiling water, surging with bubbles.

At this time, a bell rang, indicating that the passengers can get off.

Xing Mo extended a hand toward Aurora: "Let's go."

"Oh~" Aurora obediently handed her hand to Xing Mo and then showed a bright smile: "Sister, let's go~"

Xing Mo felt numb. However, she endured the pain, held the ice-cold little hand, and alighted the private carriage.

Fortunately, no one seemed to notice anything amiss with the two, and Xing Mo took Aurora out of the station without a hitch and onto the streets of the Northern District.

The curtain of night crept down, and a drizzle started, falling on the red cobblestone paved streets.

The classical buildings lined up on both sides of the street were made of bricks and tiles in red, black, and white tones, and the neatly arranged carved windows dispensed warm light into the rain.

After coming out of the Northern Station, there was a commercial street, and it was quite bustling at this time. The glass display windows on both sides of the road were filled with amber-colored lights, which spilled out onto the damp red cobblestone paved street.

People wearing cashmere wool trench coats and holding umbrellas walked along t

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