Book 01 Chapter 01.03 - Little Evil God
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The Defeated Saintess Is On A Journey To Tame The Evil God Book 01 Chapter 01.03 - Little Evil God

Xing Mo was taken aback. The brand on her hand was shining, making her unable to move, yet the word "master" didn't come out of her mouth.

How is that possible?

Xing Mo quickly searched her soul and unexpectedly found that the brand didn't seem to have been implanted into her soul, but only into her body.

This isn't right... according to mystic knowledge, God's brand first affects the soul and then the body.

Does the lass's brand... only affect the body, not the soul? Why does this make it seem even more wicked...

Xing Mo and Aurora regarded one another. In a split second, she noticed a flicker of doubt in Aurora's eyes.

Not good! I can't let her discover this! This will be my trump card!

Xing Mo cleared her throat and then spoke in a low voice: "Master~"

Ahhhh! I sold my soul! To an Evil God!

Xing Mo roared in her heart. But on the surface, she tried to maintain a relatively calm expression.

After hearing the other party call her master, Aurora smiled brightly: "Good~ Continue to call me that in the future. As long as you listen well, I'll do my best not to use the brand against you~"

As Aurora spoke, the Tree of Life brand on Xing Mo's hand faded, and she regained control of her body.

After inspecting her hand, Xing Mo sighed lightly: "Then let's change clothes. If you enter the city like that, you'll be found out right away."

Indeed, a white-haired loli covered with flowers and plants will attract everyone's attention.

Aurora felt that it made sense and nodded: "But, there seem to only be nightgowns in the carriage. I can't get off wearing a nightgown, can I?"

"I have a trench coat I can lend you." Xing Mo sighed, "In any case, how did you get on the train? Dressed the way you are, carrying the unconscious me, did no one find it strange?"

To Xing Mo's surprise, upon hearing this, Aurora innocently tapped her lips with her index finger and raised her head, saying: "Since I was stuck with you, I knocked out a well-dressed gentleman, stole his private carriage ticket, and then just boarded the train

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